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“Biznasty” is the new hit from power trio, The Dream Logic

“Biznasty” is the new hit from power trio, The Dream Logic. Taking a cue from Sly and The Family Stone, The Dream Logic creates an unpredictable sonic blast in an equally dubious summer. Bombastic lyrics and a flurry-of-a-sound, “Biznasty” is atypical music, to say the least. Fans should flock to this funk-tified, dizzying splendor of a song.

Comprised of Charles Compo (lead vocals, composer, multi-instrumentalist), Camille Gainer (drums, backing vocals) and Jerry Brooks (bass guitar), The Dream Logic sautés a wicked fun mix that borrows measurements from soul, R&B, funk, jazz and rock. It’s not surprising considering the players have all been, in some fashion, involved with some of music’s biggest hitmakers for the half-a-century. The culmination of working with such artists as Martha Reeves, Christina Aguilera, Bo Didley, Kim Waters and many more meets at the crossroads that is ”Biz Nasty”. For only being a trio, The Dream Logic plays with the heart and grit of a 12-piece band.

Lyrically, this song is quite the adventure. Flush against the interlocking riffs and innovative drum beats, lines like I see the things you do…you’re biznasty, standing right in front of me, spill over. Compo sings with the flare of a voice that is ready to change the skyline, his outlook is freeing and zestful. I have a hunch this song is about the current state USA’s political affairs. It could also be related to something out an urban dictionary, whereas, biznasty is someone who gets their you-know-what done. It could very well be both or even something more sensual or  a double-entendre. It’s hard to say, but the spinning cycle of lyrics and Gainer’s very-fun and lively backing vocals still make this song a must have for the midafternoon dance breakout break. She sings with joy and spunk, a constant smile emitting from her vocals. I think “Biznasty” becomes a story of what you want it to be. It’s a choose-your-own adventure type of song that allows the listener to fill in the blanks. It might mean a late-at-night jaunt or a mid-morning mattress dance, but either way, it’s a pretty fun tune.  

The rhythm section overall is so tight. It’s a combination of psychedelic accoutrements and Compo’s flavorful vocals leading the pathway. It’s a bubbling soup of energy and excitement – a motivating song to become lost into its groove. The guitar and bass guitar continue a back-and-forth playful game. The funk is always full in the song’s gas tank, with Gainer’s drums always leading the procession. As the song moves along, and remembering the amount of recording studio time this trio has accrued over the years, individually and part of a group, the amazement starts to unfold. The fact that these cats only play with each other on occasion and have created this wide, such a spectacle of a sound is mind boggling. The showmanship and musicianship is incredible. At each corner, a new trek is unveiled, or a sound is unpeeled to start off in yet another groove direction. “Biznasty” is the whole package and then some.

Mindy McCall

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