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Cristal Carrington’s “HOT” new single “See You Dance”

Pouncing out of the gate like a lioness, Cristal Carrington’s new single “See You Dance” takes the world from its screeching halt to a fantastical whirlwind. This pop dance treat is nonstop music for your ears and mostly for your dancing bones. Originally from Long Island, New York, this now-based Baltimore singer/songwriter channels her inner Madonna for a head turning jam. “See You Dance” is from Carrington’s debut, nine-track album, Revenge.

Carrington’s chorus, I want to see you dance, I want to see you party, beats along. And frequently. The song immediately goes for the bump-and-grind movements, with the listener having little control over the contagious rhythm. Once the song is in full-force, the listener almost feels like glow sticks magically appear in their hands, ready to light the night with the cadence and energy coming from this coda. Carrington’s voice is smoky, with little curls at the end of ‘dance’ and ‘party’. She sings pump, pump, pump, pump it up, and also counts in Spanish to four (uno, dos, tres, quatro). The only other lyrical content in “See You Dance” is when she ever-so-cool and nonchalantly says, I’m feeling so lovely all night long, I really want to go home with you. This burgeoning diva moment made me think of Madonna and Britney Spears. It’s decadent and divine. Kudos to Carrington for taking that vocal risk.

The “See You Dance” music video has a dazzling sparkle, too. It’s mainly Carrington’s dress, a disco-ball like fashion. She dances with ease and the music video has an abundance of dancers and quick cuts to lots of different people having a great time dancing.

“See You Dance” has a trance-like appeal. It’s like a haze overcoming you, motioning you deeper and deeper into the center of the spinning top. I found myself stirring my arms, motioning at times like waves being forced upon me. I stayed afloat and rode the rhythms just as Carrington’s vocals are the beacon of light, a siren call. The sounds are all intertwining at a rapid speed. So much of “See You Dance” is more about the experience and being in the moment. I think this is a song that you blast when you’re getting ready for a night out, for the defining night. I think it’s also a song that you listen to when you want to clear your mind and just relax, relate and release. I didn’t want to think harder. I wanted to be in the moment. Falter to the rhythms and fall under Carrington’s vocal spell. It’s rapture – like; whereas I felt so completely elevated to another level of consciousness within the music bed alone. This song makes you feel alive and confident. “See You Dance” makes you feel sensual and sexy; you’re ready to seduce the next stranger or the person you have your eye set upon.

Growing up in Long Island, Carrington had access to larger-than-life sounds, and likely her soundtrack included some of the newest beats out there. I think now that she’s based in Baltimore she’s taken those skills and bolstered herself to a new, exciting level. “See You Dance” has the makings of a major hit. I can definitely envision this song on a movie soundtrack and frankly, “See You Dance” is the end of summer’s hottest track.  

Mindy McCall



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