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Tamas Bulla “Out of Time”

In a gentle harmony that seems to echo into the ethers for an eternity after initially hearing it for the first time, Tamas Bulla slowly but surely begins to construct the hook in “Out of Time,” his debut single and music video released to a warm reception from critics and fans just this past July. The first few bars in this track are more like a whisper than the exclaiming eruption of emotion that is soon to come, but nevertheless, they draw us closer to the flash point of a melody that some way, somehow, is coming from the voice of a 12 year old kid from New Jersey. 


The vocal aligns itself with a rollicking string part as we continue on with “Out of Time,” and in the music video, we look on as Bulla wanders Liberty State Park in front of a cosmopolitan New York backdrop. There’s a relaxed feel to his cadence, but the verses are entirely well-timed with the rhythm of the moderate percussion behind him. He ascends the chorus as though he’s facing down his greatest fears, and on the other side, a catharsis falls on us from above through a harmony that aches with passion. 

“Out of Time” is the first look I’ve had at the music of Tamas Bulla, but if this young man thinks he’s going to get away with recording only one single, he’s soon to find out that the modern millennial pop audience is a lot more demanding than he realized. If there’s one singer/songwriter on the east coast who has captured my attention this summer with little more than his natural abilities, it is undisputedly Bulla, and I have a feeling you’re going to understand why once you’ve taken a peek at the video for his incredible debut release. 

Mindy McCall



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