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MOODO- The Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser

The only diffuser that allows you to customize scents according to your taste, mood and lifestyle.

Product Review by Joseph Timmons, IndiePulse Music Magazine Review Journalist

A short time ago, I had the opportunity to get and use the MoodoGo portable / Personal Fragrance Diffuser and I was immediately impressed with it.

A small yet versatile portable environment enhancer that as everything it claimed to be. So when had the chance to get a home unit to try I eagerly ordered it and awaited it’s arrival.

As you know, having a home in which to want to set the best living space possible, you want to involve things like art, plants and the finer things in life, and the Moodo unit is a perfect addition, it allows you to create a clam space in which to relax after a long day, to set the mood for when company comes over and it, in itself is a conversation piece.

you could have candles, oil burners or incense, but with Moodo, you get to have the same experience, but you can custom tailor it to meet your individual and inventive needs. using a combination of four aroma cartridges, that can be interchanged with any umber of combination options available, it is like having a personal aroma-therapy lounge.

I keep my Moodo in the living room, when I get home an open the door coming in from work, I am greeted with lush floral scents that are both soothing ad relaxing, which helps with my daily recovery. Now my home is like a personal spa where I can escape from a stressful day.

The Moodo is also smart home friendly, connecting with my Alexa and Smart Phone, controlled by an easy to set up and use phone app ( or tablet app), it is fun to use and works very well.

Here are the details :

Moodo® is a one of a kind aroma diffuser that can be loaded with up to 4 Moodo scent capsules simultaneously, from a selection of dozens of unique high-quality fragrances.

Moodo smart fragrance Box produced by Agan Aroma. You can make up to 4,000 different aroma combinations with it.

Choose your fragrance capsules from Moodo’s wide variety of high-quality fragrances: pick one of the pre-set mixtures proposed by the Moodo app, or use the free Moodo app to mix 4 fragrances and create your own unique scents.

Convenient and easy: Moodo fragrance capsules are arranged in scent families. Each scent family is a pack of four capsules which are compatible & harmonized to create a wonderful scent in any mixing selection.

Want to try one out for FREE? – Get a free Moodo device now for a limited time!

Their new bundle contains 9 of their best-selling fragrance packs.
If you sign up to purchase it, they will also add a Moodo diffuser – free of charge!

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