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The Multi-Talented Brandyn Cross Releases New Single/Video

A life poet, a songwriter who has knocked that chip off his shoulder, Brandyn Cross might have empty pockets, but his heart is full of gold in the new song “If Money Talks (It Ain’t on Speakin’ Terms With Me)” co-written by Daryl Stevenett. The California-based singer/songwriter own personal trials don’t come into play, but underneath the brave voice are remnants of an artist that has been through hell and back. “If Money Talks (It Ain’t Sayin’ Much to Me)” is Cross’ every man tale. Dig deeper, and it’s the voice of a man that says a lot with very little.

URL: https://www.brandyncross.com/

The charming musical bedrock, a blended mix of Americana, folk, country and blues, Cross’ cocktail is comprised of an organ, melodic electric guitar, violin and of course, bass and drums. Sounding like an old friend back into your life, the vintage organ is faint, a far off traveler back into the picture. The violin is strong, gliding its way through the song’s core with the same poignancy as an earned dollar. The percussion and bass lines, ever present and oh-so subtle, keep time at a medium pace to bolster Cross’ magnetic vocals.

Cross’ voice may not be rustic, and he’s certainly no relic, but he sings like someone who’s lived more than nine lives in a short time. And he has. No stranger to music, Cross earned a Nashville Song Festival Award for his tune, “Dolly Parton’s Got The Biggest Hits in Nashville”. He also formed the southern rock/blues band Whiskey Rose. Among the group’s hits from their album Take It Back are “Don’t Do Me Wrong” and “Blue Moon Over Heaven”. Just when things started to heat up for Whiskey Rose, Cross suffered a debilitating accident; a train tragedy took his left leg. He spent five years rehabilitating and convalescing. It might have sidetracked his work with Whiskey Rose, but judging by the lyrical content and perseverance in “If Money Talks (It Ain’t Sayin’ Much to Me)”, Cross comes out a mature songwriter with a tight sound. It’s like no time has passed for his craft.

Whatever I try to do, it just don’t pay, Cross sings. His voice shines. He sings with the same point-of-view as an artist like Kris Kristofferson. When you hear Cross, you hear the voice and the echoes of a million men and women trying to pay their rent, buy groceries and work an honest day’s living. A working man’s still in prison and the banker holds the key, Cross sings. If money talks, it aint’ sayin’ much to me, he continues. While the tone might be sad-sack, Cross has a neat way of making you feel like he’s just as happy being broke as he would be if he were a millionaire. (though maybe he’d sing with a lot more joy, if he did have a million dollars). This song swells with pride. Cross, who also is a published author and seasoned actor, compiles all of his artistry together in the remarkably polished and comfortable “If Money Talks (It Ain’t on Speakin’ Terms With Me)” co-written by Daryl Stevenett.

Mindy McCall

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