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Andy Michaels’ track “Angel” ft. Kerry Ironside

You are my angel, sing to heaven, I can’t wait for you to sing to me, you’ll sing to me, Kerry Ironside sings in the Andy Michaels’ track, “Angel”. A true poet, Michaels’ has been writing music since he was 18 and has hundreds of songs to show for his artistry. “Angel” has him teamed up once again with singer Ironside, as well as a full backing choir. Hum along and feel galvanized by Michaels’ words and Ironside’s banner voice.

Michaels calls Perth, Australia, home. “Angel” is from his album, Revisited. It’s also not the first time Michaels has worked with Ironside. The two collaborated on the “The Flame”. His arrangements, the blushing guitar and the dance of a music bed, expertly draping around Ironside’s smoky voice really gives Ironside a perfect pocket to fill with her voice. When she belts out I wish I could sing, I would I could fly, way up high into the sky, if I had wings, then I will try, to be an angel for a while, it reminded me of being a kid. I would sit on the lawn and stare up at the clouds and unending sky – wondering what it would like to be a bird or just fly. Ironside hits her stride even more when the choir comes into the picture. It’s the epitome of rising to the occasion – Michaels’ captures the sound of beauty. Even if this song didn’t have the choir, it would be a thrilling experience. The choir is major bonus points. It holds the song in a loving embrace, furthering Ironside’s textured vocals.

Ironside continues with and let your love shine for everyone to see, ooh, yes, they’ll see, every time you fly, a part of you will stay. Her words linger for hours, her rock and roll voice adding a bit of an edge to a porcelain music bed. What an interesting dynamic. The more I listened to this track, the more the meaning changed for me. I wouldn’t call it a worship song, but I could definitely see its placement in a church or spiritual setting. It’s very wholesome and inviting tune. I didn’t necessarily find myself singing along, as much as I hummed along to the melody. One thought that kept drifting into my purview listening to “Angel” is the mother and daughter bond. Really, any parent and child bond. I don’t want to leave out aunts and nieces and nephews either, as I do think this song struck me more about a gift in someone’s life. An angel adds something to your life, and it makes you want to sing, this person gives you the love to feel alive.

This would be a special song to share at a birth or first birthday. I can definitely see a ‘mommies’ Facebook group sharing “Angel”. Michaels’ lyrics touch a place of the heart that is so special, it’s beyond music. His poem is a reminder to that the big things in life aren’t things – they are people.

Mindy McCall

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