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Les Fradkin releases new single “System Crash”, a song that mimics our present and Dystopian “New Normal”

Les Fradkin, an enigmatic and prolific guitarist, whom found his way to the stage as one of the Fab Four, portraying George Harrison in the Broadway hit “Beatlemania,” has never shied away from his calling. An active writer and performer, whom has now come forth to release a new single.

His latest work, titled  “System Crash“, which was originally written by Les and his wife Loretta Fradkin back in 2003 as part of a series of work on “Reality: The Rock Opera”, which was his solo debut.

Though written some time ago, it is almost as if he saw into the future, which is now our present, a present inundated with an Orwellian ethos which has become real and the hyperbole of the confused masses overrunning each other, the “fake news” and the heard mentality, a flawed philosophy that is quickly crippling the nation.

“System Crash” by Les Fradkin is simply beautiful, it is a blend of modern folk storytelling and the purest of progressive rock composition, akin to what would by done by his contemporaries in YES, Gentle Giant, King Crimson, Camel and others that sought not only to entertain but to open the minds of their listeners.

The song is prophetic, yet it is also a prophecy realized, a story of, in his own words a “narrative, the collapse of America from forces unseen, all of which truly fit the current moment. The purpose of these songs is not to stand with the left or right but reflect a view from dead center neutral. It’s not a statement of opinion, but an observation of what’s going on”.

“System Crash” is only just the start, this single is just a sample of what is to come, while Fradkin’s array of explosive, soaring guitar sounds and infectious vocals draw us into the experience, it’s his lyrics that sear into the mind.

It is uncanny that this piece was begun so long ago, and is a foreboding image of what our world has, in many ways become,  Fradkin seems to have some mysterious psychic/divine channeling ability, in commentary he says System Crash” is  written from multiple perspectives – the past, present and future, An observer in the distant future looking back at the events that hadn’t happened as of the creation of the song and from the perspective of an observer in the present, looking at events that are happening now and that might be happening in the future!”

“System Crash” is part of a selection of songs from Les Fradkin’s latest album, available on Bandcamp titled The Les Fradkin News, an entire album of similar songs that have multiple meanings and dualities, making statements of lost humanity and newfound faith.

Les Fradkin is an artist is of the old guard, from a time when the lyrics of a song were to be lessons learned, and this is an artist well worth listening to and learning from.

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