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Seattle DJ Justin Murta Drops New Single

Can you really re-connect after a past relationship speedbump? Do past mistakes define the relationship? MC and DJ Justin Murta with Charlie Barrale and Ovylarock tell it like it is in the new electro pop/dance track “Are You Ready”. The song, from Murta’s Fairytale album, has a lush mix and tropical guitar motif. Tackling relationship woes and maybe even the broader picture of making each moment count, “Are You Ready” is a sanguine track that further showcases Seattle-based Murta’s wide appeal.

With a growing fanbase worldwide, including a very large following in Asian markets, including Vietnam, Murta has been spinning hits and making his mark in the world music scene for some time. “Are You Ready” is a perfect extension of his positive outlook and natural instincts to keep people moving on the dance floor. Unearthing a trove of electric pulses and imagery, the music bed is mostly EDM flavored. But there is a guitar that just calmly sashays its way into the picture, an enchanting rhythm laced with sultry accoutrements.

It’s certainly open for interpretation, but I believe the gist of this song is about two young lovers who let outside influences end or put a hold on their past relationships, are trying to rekindle that love. They are together again, yes, but the male vocalist sings we only have us, as a way of thwarting outside guidance. It comes across as the couple were listening to their parents, but it could be a variety of things. So are you ready, I said are you ready, the chorus echoes in your mind. It’s a catchy hook and the melody is just as intoxicating. The guitar drifts in-and-out of the music bed and is a perfect yin-and-yang to the cymbal percussion and driving beat. At times the electric percussion sounds like waves hitting rocks, a splash. The chorus just follows you, the voice is so inviting, a crooner. After a few listens, you forget there are other lyrics and you just melt away into the are you ready chorus. This song not only makes you feel like dancing, but it champions a new start, a rebirth. It’s like a dance track to the Phoenix Rising tale. I wanted to be a part of that world, perch myself inside the world this song creates. I wanted to feel the energy its natural furnace is furnishing.

There is just no escaping the feeling of excitement and newness in “Are You Ready”. Are we really here, the male vocalist repeats twice. It’s a calling, an idea of living in the now and forgetting what is behind them and not looking out for tomorrow’s news. Combined with the splendor of a music bed, “Are You Ready” continuously aims to be a triumphant dance hit. I think it more than exceeds – it accelerates at all the right moments and leaves the beat-dropping seconds to a minimum. Murta explodes with his latest, unstoppable hit. I can see this song being a worldwide hit in no time. The world is ready for Murta.

Mindy McCall

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