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Kristian is an Artist with a message of Love

Not a rapper, not just a singer, but the R&B artist Kristian has exploded on the New Music / Independent Music Scene with his debut track “Success”, a song and anthem of a man finding his life renewed in this world of troubling times.

Kristian found his unique voice while singing in church as a youth. He joined the church choir at a young age because he was inspired by watching Bobby Jones gospel program on BET. Outside of gospel inspiration, he listened to a lot of 80’s and 90’s artist: New Edition, Ready For The World, H-Town, Jon B, Jodeci, and Keith Sweat, just to name a few, finding inspiration in life.

Kristian’s early experiences with group performance was in a R&B group Same Differences in the early 2000’s, things just didn’t work out between the group, so he began to work behind the scenes in music. Working as a promoter, he booked shows for artist, promoted night clubs, and been an independent radio promoter.

Kristian has provided radio promotion for artist such as; Soul For Real, H-Town, Jon B, CeCe Peniston, and Troy Ave.

Kristian got back into music because of working with so many talented artists, he felt inspired to record music again. Kristian now wishes to share his music with the world through social media and to inspire this new generation with the knowledge he has gained over the years in the music industry.

At the moment, Kristian is working independently through his own label Duncan Group. Kristian has released his debut single “Success” and another single, “Andale”. The newly released Video for  “Success” in August 2020 to great response and the feedback from his peers, fans and the music industry has been phenomenal.

The secret to Kristian’s “Success” was his triumph over personal pain and the trials of life. Kristian experienced a dark period in his life from depression and anxiety, his life spiraled and he sank low and sealed myself off from family and friends. I was at the point of giving up on life, but God had another plan. He literally sent an angel, and her name is Sharon. Kristian explains “She amazed me on how somebody could love and care for someone in the state of mind that I was in at that point in time in my life. I realized there was so much more to live for in life. I quit taking pills and drinking because I realized I was not only hurting myself, but I was also hurting my family and my kids. My life completely turned around and I thank God for that”.

Kristian also explains “The song “Success” is dedicated to my fiancée Sharon. The story to the song’s inspiration comes from real life events I experienced. The beginning starts from my depression of drinking and taking pills, to a friend of mine telling me that I need to go out on the town, which I had reservation on wanting to do, but I gave in and went out. We arrived at a night club and I stood by the bar all night drinking till it was closing time. Just as people were walking past the bar to exit the club, I spotted this girl from afar and as soon as she started to pass me, I had to introduce myself. She walked me out to my friend’s vehicle, and we exchanged numbers. Long story short my life turned around and I found success in her.”

Kristian is in the studio working on his upcoming EP presently planned for release an EP in later 2021.

Kristian wants to be a voice of healing.

Kristian, as one who has experienced life’s worst to one who now enjoys a revived sense of living and loving, Kristian looks to be an advocate of peace and understanding, as well as a voice for those that suffer through depression.

In interview, Kristian has this to say:  “I want to be a voice of positivity and to spread love to one another. I want this to reflect my music to show that there is much more to life than violence and hate. Love, life, and relationships are a supporting success and we need to realize hate is taught”

“I am a person of color, but I don’t try to let social injustice define me. I love everyone and I’m always inspired by things going on in the world, so my upcoming music will reflect global issues. Music is universal and is what brings us all together, so my music will have a positive impact because I’m always singing and speaking a positive message.”

Kristian can be found Online at the following Links and Social Media Services:

IG: @kristian_1978

FB: @kristian19782020

TWTR: @kristian_197820




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