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Jupiter In Velvet is back with new EP

From the heart-pounding “And So The Earth Stood Still” to the blitzkrieg “Get Out”, Punk Goes The Velvet from Jupiter In Velvet will have you grabbing for hydration. Hit after hit, this handful of songs has the listener raising fists in retaliation – rock is alive and well thanks to this London-based rocker. Even stronger is the guitar chord progression and the wrestling drum work,  with some quirky lyrics, the songs grabs the listener, shakes ‘em and puts them in the driver seat for one heck of a hyper drive.

It’s not that Jupiter doesn’t have a velvet voice, but his voice is smooth with a rugged, punk appeal. Let’s just say his voice is crushed in velvet. When Jupiter sings ready for a thrill, stay away from those pills, he’s nearly smothered by the static and brandishing rhythmic guitar. This song makes me think of staying in bed all day, you have not motivation, and the world seems to be a chaotic pace around you, but you don’t want to leave the four walls of your room. And so the earth stood still, Jupiter sings, like he’s singing for the rafters.


The next track, “Not Again” rears its presence without even taking a breath. Much like The Jim Carroll Band (“These Are People Who Died”), the guitar sweeps up the listener into a rock meltdown. Lyrically, it’s hard to keep the same pace as Jupiter. You can definitely glean the chorus oh no, oh no not again! His delivery is chic, with a snarl.

“Please Don’t Ever Let Me Go” by the sounds of the title might be a ballad. It’s not. It’s way better. Leaping a bit more into the classic rock guitar spaces, Jupiter rings the lyrics around the steel-pressed guitar riffs. The beady-bass grooves just as hard. I liked the clean percussion here and the way the quirky harmony Jupiter rolls off his tongue. At times his voice reminded me of The Darkness’ Justin Hawkins or The Struts’ Luke Spiller. Broken and confused, some days I don’t know what to do, he sings with a sonic wave engulfing him and the listener. Please don’t ever let me go, no, no, he sings with a full heart.


Thump, thump goes the kick drum in “Dimestore Suave”. This one has you rocking and rolling in dizzy spin cycle. As its name suggests, it’s suave, but cunning like a rocker. He’s got a ma-ma-ma-mother who props him up with her nervous hands, he’s got a bra-bra-bra-bra that’s something other than a man, Jupiter sings. His motoring is a fun distraction and aligns perfectly with the tempo and tone. “Dimestore Suave”

Lastly, “Get Out” echoes the soul and the energy of rock classics from David Bowie, the angst of London in the late 70s and the lush outer layer of 80s New Wave (also very England-like). Shout it out, Jupiter squiggles, as if he’s on a megaphone to rally the youth. Whatever music you’re into this moment, it’s nothing compared to the energy and artistry of Jupiter In Velvet.

Mindy McCall



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