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The Forevers releases 2 New Singles

Sweet French nothings are whispered into our ear at the onset of “Frederique,” the new single and music video from The Forevers, but as fetching as they are, they’re but a minor sneak preview of what we’re about to witness come together in the next four minutes this song plays out. The rhythm is spiked with a warm, decadent sway that emits as much swagger as any line our singer will croon to us, and while this is decidedly pop music, it has a certain ambient classiness that makes it feel transcendent of genre labels altogether – especially when it matters. 

“Frederique” is an undebatable treasure that puts more stock into its harmonies than it does anything else on the table, but in the case of the recently-released “Rockets Fly,” The Forevers prove to us that they can juggle multiple focuses within the same beautifully crisp composition. “Rockets Fly” balances breathtaking vocals with a rigid groove that seems intent on marching us into the unknown with little more than a supple voice to act as our lantern in the darkness, and as intimidating a setup as this might seem, it never feels particularly spooky when we’re in the heat of the moment. 

The Forevers are just getting started with their international campaign for pop prominence, but you’d still be hard-pressed to find another pair of singles as sonically potent and poetically pleasing as “Frederique” and “Rockets Fly” are this summer. There’s not nearly as much hype surrounding this year’s class of European imports as there should be, but on the back of what this brother/sister duo is accomplishing here, I think that has the potential to change in the next couple pf months. This pair have a lot to give, and they break off a good chunk of it in these two showstoppers. 

Mindy McCall



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