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Red Eye (Trevor Perfect) releases new Single

We’ve been warned before about a girl like this. From Hall & Oates’ “Man Eater” to Bon Jovi’s “Bad Medicine” to “Dirty Diana” from Michael Jackson – a female in song is by no means always the damsel in distress. Red Eye, an Anglo-Spanish songwriter, slithers this dame into the hearts of the listeners with one hell of a warning label in the new spellbinding track, “A Girl Too Far”. Featuring vocalist Dennis Demille, “A Girl Too Far” is just the naughty tale we need for 2020.

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Tip-toeing along like the song “Whatever Lola Wants” (Damn Yankees), the general mood to this song is something grander than any pop tune. Red Eye’s press materials note that the song is aimed as a James Bond-esque song and it certainly fits into the Aston Martin driver’s seat. Pristine, with a pewter sheen, “A Girl Too Far” oohs and awes from the get-go, coloring a canvass of dark blues, silvers and deep reds. The poor man clamoring for her affections can’t win. You thought you’d won her, hook, line now sink, shoot and reload, there’s no time to think, Demille sings. Oh you are, a girl too far, but a woman so near, he sings, his deep voice coming from the shadows. Demille, a semi-finalist on Britain’s Got Talent, is the perfect choice for this tune. His personality and stage-charm just sent goose pimples down the listener’s spine.

Happening underneath Demille’s voice is a lush, piano mixed with murky electronica. It sounds futuristic and industrial with scissor-whip dramatics. More like a tango dance, then a car chase, this noir-of-a-song blends the symphonic sounds of a temptress. If you’re expecting the crashing horns or the blistering guitar riffs from “A View to a Kill” from Duran Duran, you won’t find it here. But you won’t be disappointed. Demille is no Simon Le Bon, but he carries this song on his shoulder. Demille’s crushing vocals are unmatched. Even his name is made for the movies. Michael Bublé and Frank Sinatra fans will find that his voice melts like butter. Though it mentions death and killing, “A Girl Too Far” is justifiably a class act. Demille is that icing on the already chilling tune.

A bit deeper dive into Red Eye’s (the stage name of Trevor Perfect) discography reveals an arsenal of rarities: “Everything but the Boy” (2014), “Moroccan Fruit” (2016),  “Little England” (2016), “Relationships Look Closer in Rear View Mirrors” (2017), “Soho” (2017), “Big Mac Blues” (2018), “Get up Fight” (2018) and “The Cross” (2019). Red Eye’s artistic lens has typically been for social justice, righteous cause and more. “A Girl Too Far” is a bit of a stretch to call a women’s anthem, but it’s quite the departure from Red Eye’s previous work. The good news is that this detour is anything but boring. It’s an adventurous escape and a buyer-beware song for any man on the lookout for that feme fatale. Red Eye and Dennis Demille deliciously devour the listener, one sip of martini at a time. Shaken, not stirred, of course.

Mindy McCall



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