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“Sucker For Your Ways” (Single/Video) by Head Fake

Rock, pop, hip-hop or country; in 2020, the best underground players are beyond genres altogether, and this is especially true of elite experimentalists like the young up and comers in Head Fake, whose new single and music video “Sucker For Your Ways” is getting plenty of love from the critics this fall – and for good reason. In “Sucker For Your Ways,” Head Fake dispel the very notion that you need to cling to one school’s rules over another, instead embarking on their own journey into the sonic ethers and emerging on the other side with a sensuous blend of R&B, rock and punk that is certain to have listeners raising an eyebrow.

WEBSITE:  https://www.headfakemusic.com/

The bass in this track is a bold element, make no mistake about it, but the percussion is the loudest component of the mix for us to contend with. The vocals here do a pretty good job of fending off the blows as they come at us in perfect harmony, but there’s scarcely an instance in which it doesn’t feel like the players are constantly competing for our attention. It works to Head Fake’s favor in a way that would bring a lot of other bands to their knees, and in this sense, it asserts their unique identity for us all the more. 

Normally I would have liked just a bit more emphasis on the vocal than this single ultimately affords itself, but the blueprint that was instead used in the structuring of the instruments beside the verses undisputedly makes the whole track sound a little more physical and streamlined in general. In turning everything here into a joint force for communication of the most artistic variety, Head Fake not only make it difficult to ignore their prowess as players in the studio, but even more importantly, their ability to convey a mood with almost anything at their disposal. 

The cross-cultural influences that helped to create this band’s sound are what essentially define the intellectual profile for “Sucker For Your Ways,” and I would say that it amounts to something that is very indicative of the melting pot of melodicism the American underground has been furiously pumping out in 2020. As I previously stated, these guys could care less about what you’re calling them or how they’re being marketed in the press – they’re addicted to their medium like junkies get addicted to drugs, and their passion alone makes this single and its video a homerun combination. 

I was just introduced to Head Fake recently and I already cannot wait to hear more of what their camp is going to be developing in the years to come. They’ve already grown exponentially since first hitting the scene last year, and with the right grooming (and staying away from the mainstream indulgences a lot of their peers would just as soon become easily enamored by), they’re going to be major players in the next generation of evocative experimental rock. They have my endorsement, and will likely win yours as well with this release. 

Mindy McCall



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