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“Glass Houses” and “Poison Kiss” by Mike DeFoy

Proving to all the naysayers that rock is indeed fully functioning and not on life support, Chicago melodic rocker Mike DeFoy defies the critics with two exceptional tracks “Glass Houses” and “Poison Kiss”. Genuinely tight orchestration is just one of the highlights – DeFoy gives us permission to play air guitar and rock out again. Let the freedom of rock begin and let it start with DeFoy.

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As creator/founder of Chicago’s Sky Pilot Rock and Roll Band out of Chicago, DeFoy brings a deep well of experience to his latest pieces. He has that blue-collar, Eddie Money vibe happening, and a take-no-prisoner attitude. He exhibits that much more in “Poison Kiss” than he does in “Glass Houses” but just as there are two sides to every coin, he does have a sensitive side. In “Glass Houses” the mood is more melodic, not as nocturnal. The sonic thread he weaves is one of bravado, being in charge. The bluesy-guitar licks, give off a bow-wow-bow-wow wave. The drum work is just as thrilling – a fine fill that goes from steady, and by song’s end amps up before a final hurdle. The song, from my perspective, is about a relationship that has nosey eyes and know-it-alls pondering their moves and sticking their noses into DeFoy’s business. He’s unabashedly not putting up with it and confident in his own relationship. DeFoy, who worked with a multi-Grammy Award-Wining team on mastering and mixing the album in Hollywood, shows off a solid sonic blend in “Glass Houses”.

“Poison Kiss” deliciously takes the listener by the hand and carries them into another bluesy-rock tale. The song has a bite to it, and while it’s not a head banger, it definitely rocks. DeFoy’s weathered vocals, albeit iced with charm and honesty, hover over the snaking guitar. A blistering rhythm section, grooves under the vocals, too. To give you an idea of the lyrical content, DeFoy sings tonight I miss your poison kiss. The music gets a little revved up, because as he displays, he really feels betrayed by her and wants her out of his life. Alas, he still loves her. That chaos, the confusion in his heart, is fused into the electric guitar and drum arrangements.

I’ve been marinating on my favorite of the two tracks. I have to say because they are both so different, it’s like apples and oranges. What I can agree on is that the guitar work is outstanding in both “Glass Houses” and “Poison Kiss”. Absolutely, the guitar work in both is amazing. I really like DeFoy’s vocals in both too. If I had to choose what theme or story I preferred, it would have to be “Poison Kiss”. It’s spookier, grittier. I think fans of 80s melodic rock, as well as alternative rock will agree that DeFoy has the rock chops to keep the flame burning. His talents are far too reaching to be ignored and his songwriting capabilities are just hitting a stride. I think we will see many more songs from him.

Mindy McCall

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