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“The Wall” by Maurice

Where giants like Marvin Gaye and Prince laid the groundwork, Maurice frames the story, hook, line and sinker in the new thrill, “The Wall”. Highly suggestive and enthralling, Maurice’s steamy debut single sets the mood and then some for a date night. Featuring smoldering lyrics and Gaye’s mid tenor vocals, “The Wall” is hard to pass up.

One of the cool ways Maurice draws the listener in on “The Wall” is the strong beat and his rapturous voice. Something’s freaky on my mind, girl you gonna find out, he sings. His timbre is deep, but not Barry White deep. Let’s have sex on the wall, I just want to see if you can take it…girl, you feel so good to me, hey, Maurice sings. The dripping, smooth groove of a beat flowing under his voice is brooding. He’s wanting to seduce his woman, play out his fantastical night of passion. His music matches that tone, that emotional journey. The music bed just oozes sensuality and bolsters Maurice’s total control of the song. He’s not fooling around, well, he is, but his voice knows his way around the song just as much as he does in the bedroom. Or outside the bedroom, according to this song. It’s to the point, and no need for a dream journal to interpret Maurice’s words. I don’t think he hides anything and the listener is a voyeur in his intimate night.

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Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Maurice joins a long list of musical greats from Motor City. Among the list are a who’s who of just about all genres: Stevie Wonder, Eminem, Jack White, Bob Seger, Diana Ross , Big Sean and a slew of others. The need to create art to project a new world, a different reality is certainly not new to artists, but the struggles of life on the streets in Detroit open a whole new conversation. When you hear the heart in Maurice’s voice, and look past the sexualized lyrics, you understand more this idea of escape, of being in another state or state-of-mind. His song isn’t a full on Harlequin novel, but it comes close. Parents, interpret that as you will. Still, Maurice is commended for his actions. Art is art. He professes his love differently than most and it should be celebrated accordingly.

Overall, “The Wall” is a great showing out of the gate for Maurice. I think, because he has a DJ background, I was expecting something different with the music bed, he could have pushed the limits more. He certainly doesn’t hold back on the lyrics, so it makes it all the more interesting why he didn’t indulge into a trickier beat. I think he could have taken more risks with the music bed, that’s all. Fans of R&B, soul and pop, will find that “The Wall” puts up a solid foundation for an artist looking to get his music out to the masses. He’s on his way, and at the very least, people will be talking about Maurice.

Mindy McCall

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