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Bruce Sudano’s single “American Sunset”

Urban chaos. Political discord. A growing pollution, both social and industrial, that seems inescapable. The loss of faith juxtaposed with an increase in graves – all of which come occupied with someone taken from this earth long before their time. There is no watching the music video for Bruce Sudano’s single “American Sunset” without feeling affected by its visuals and the statement they make about our country, but as rousing as the imagery is, it’s made more provocative because of the soundtrack it has been afforded. Sudano won’t back down from the fight for what’s right here, and his efforts set a good example for what his peers everywhere need to be doing this fall. 

Beyond the music video for “American Sunset,” the song itself is rather simple and structured to be harmony-centric, making it rather difficult for anyone to listen to the rhythm and rhyme without getting something out of the narrative (even if it isn’t lyrical in nature). When you’re straddling the kind of subject Sudano is here with the kind of humble attitude he’s in possession of, there’s no need for fatty instrumental embellishments – the organic tones and textures tell us a story without their interference. 

2020 has been rough from all perspectives – pandemics, police brutality and a political firefight that seems to drown out the things we have in common as a human race in favor of highlighting everything we could ever potentially disagree over, but thankfully, Bruce Sudano isn’t standing idly by. “American Sunset” is his declaration of war for an unfeeling establishment that needs to get a shock to its system now more than ever before, and while it’s not the first time Sudano has used his platform for good, it could be his most assertive single to see release so far. 

Mindy McCall 



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