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“Money, Money, Money” by Matilda Lindell

Songs like “Dancing Queen”, “Take A Chance On Me” and “Fernando” are always steeling the ABBA gold spotlight when it comes to the ABBA discography. A global takeover couldn’t have been complete, though, if one didn’t also include the lesser-known, but equally addicting “Money, Money, Money”. The 1976 Arrival hit is being revisited by fellow Swede, Matilda Lindell. An established vocal coach and star of ‘ABBA The Concert’, Lindell exceptionally pays tribute to the essence of one of pop music’s most successful and beloved bands. And in the end, Lindell is a winner that takes it all. “Money, Money, Money” is a great fit and excellent ride down memory lane.

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A song about a woman working all day in a bar or in the case of Lindell’s music video, she’s a waitress at a restaurant, “Money, Money, Money” has the female singer lamenting that no matter what she makes it’s never enough. She’s plotting to find herself a rich man, even if it means flying to Las Vegas to find the high roller. On the lookout and man-hungry, Lindell skillfully portrays the woman’s frustrations (again, also in the music video) but maintains a natural apathy. You cheer for this woman, you want her to nab that man! I found myself cheering for Lindell, too.

In Lindell’s case, rather than a charming piano and full percussion, she recruits an acapella group to further illustrate the song’s trope. It’s clever and sort of downplays the gaudy original’s electronic keys. But, to be fair, that’s what makes the original so juicy. Let’s just agree that Lindell brings it up to 2020 standards, without sacrificing the core values. Her resounding in my dreams I have a plan / if I got me a wealthy man / I wouldn’t have to work at all / I’d fool around and have a ball / money, money, money / must be funny / in the rich man’s world / money, money, money / always sunny / in the rich man’s world sounds just as great as it did back then. In the music video, she and her backing singers (and dancers!) choreograph their way around a restaurant and trying to catch the eye of a rich, older man. It’s all in good humor and keeps the viewer watching. The actors and singers in the video are Daniel Greayer Johanna Cervin, Mia Greayer, Sebastian Rilton, Linnéa Rilton and Terje Thoresen.

One would be hard pressed to not sing along and Lindell has the listener in her hand. If you aren’t humming along to the song, you must not be listening. Credit of course to the original ABBA (Agnetha Fältsko, Anni-Frid Lyngstad, Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus), but Lindell updates the ABBA sound for world we live in. To think, a world without ABBA…the horror, I couldn’t imagine. High praise indeed for the highly entertaining “Money, Money, Money” song and its music video. Cha-ching, this one’s a ‘best bet’ for your 70s, covers, pop classics and female singers’ playlists.

Mindy McCall



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