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“Finally Free” by Heather Fay

“Finally Free” is the newest single from songstress Heather Fay. From her album Sensual, this upbeat and snappy tune showcases the singer’s lofty voice. Originally from Illinois, but raised in Kansas City, Mo., Fay is now Los Angeles-based and taking both the modeling and music world by storm. Is “Finally Free” the song to catapult that momentum into international success?

Fay’s unique voice has definite echoes of Mariah Carey, Kelly Price and Ariana Grande. She’s very warm, very engaging from the first note. Maybe one day you’ll finally see,
Fay sings, her confidence and stature brewing higher and higher over an undercurrent of electronica and rhythms. The song has a very mild pop sound, but rooted deeper in electro pop and R&B. So much of “Finally Free” has the essence of freedom, a buoyant tone. Taking a cue from no one, Fay unravels a divine story and her voice is angelic and textured with the leanings of a woman that is ready to say her peace. The song glides along, with an energized music bed that parallels Fay’s vocals. They are in a race together, but one isn’t trying to outdo or outrun the other. It’s a nice, steady beat. When she sings the chorus (finally free), she stays in her lane, but outstretches her heart and her range.

There’s a general sense of bubbliness, with Fay masking her fierceness with niceties. Again, she’s warm and delightful and this song doesn’t foray into revenge or the killing me softly ballads of the world. What I found inspiring and maybe her younger female fans will feel the same is that she’s happy with who she is. “Finally Free” projects that idea of self-resilience. With so many musicians and artists trying to stand out, Fay succeeds at being herself and being completely genuine. Fay should be commended for this as a woman and as an artist.

“Finally Free” is Fay’s follow-up to the infectious “The One”. Fay certainly has a knack for catchy, dance-worthy songs. I’d like to hear more songs from Sensual, and at the same time, I think she’s really establishing herself in the music industry. She’s on the rise, yes, but she’s already proven her talents. I’d love to hear “Finally Free” sung live, as it has this way about it that almost feels like you can see the personality coming through. I can envision sung live, Fay’s moves and her facial expressions would really convey her thoughts. And for some odd reason, I could also see this “Finally Free” as an acoustic saw. I think it’s because her isolated vocals have such a glow to them that meshed with a honey-dipped acoustic guitar, it would be just as magical. Fans of the aforementioned Carey, Price, Grande, as well as artists like Jennifer Lopez, Alicia Keys and more should take a listen to “Finally Free” and its predecessor “The One”. Fay is onto something and I have gut feeling we’ll be hearing a lot more of this enchanting singer.

Mindy McCall



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