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Aussie Rock bad Releases Forever On” Single/Video

Great music coming out of the Down Under is nothing new. On the rock front, listeners have played air guitar many of times to bands like AC/DC, INXS, Midnight Oil, Jet and many others. One of the latest Oz musical exports comes from Queensland: skinsNbones. This band really rocks and their new song “Forever On” is proof something is definitely in the water when it comes to Australian music.

Singer Jason Kafoa is a gamechanger. His rusty timbre, a frontman molded in the same way as Krokus’ Marc Storace and James Hetfield of Metallica. He has this angst in this voice that shields away any lovey-dovey stuff, but there are shards of warmth. I don’t think this guy just woke up last week and decided to start singing; you can tell he has years of slinging songs. He’s just polished enough in the studio that his talents shine through, but he maintains his street credit and years of barroom singing.

Lyrically, “Forever On” is impressive. It has several verses – all very different – and the storyline really paints a wide picture of missteps and even bruises one endures in life’s journey. Kafoa is a master storyteller too, and he winds the listener up just enough to keep them guessing where he’s going to take them by the hand next. He’s in complete control of the song, much like Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden). When Kafoa sings the chorus (the path of life it twists and turns forever on/ forever onwards through unending left, right and wrongs / the spark of life it always burns forever on / forever enlightening all-ways, forever on, forever on), as a listener I felt very aware of the nostalgia brewing in my mind. A collage of memories and photos filled my mind, but the idea that you keep moving forward and time marches on kept triggering future dreams. I haven’t heard a song that inspired so much imagination in me in some time, let alone a hard rock song. This song really covers a lot of grand and paints a very large soundscape for the listener to playout several scenarios. I love that about this song. It really expands the entire experience.

Some days you just want a song in the background, other days you just want to sing along to a fun, meaningless song. “Forever On” capitalizes on the listeners that want value and depth in their favorite song’s lyrics. While there is something stirring in this song that is primal, overall, “Forever On” is a sentimental song. It’s a love letter to life’s less than stellar moments. It’s a reckoning with Father Time. Keep searching for that enlightenment, keep moving forward. The right direction will present itself at one point, and if you get a bit off the beaten path, that’s fine, too. skinsNBones delivers a solid, hard rock track complete with melodic guitar, brooding bass lines and pesky percussion. This song could easily become the soundtrack to anyone’s life and that’s part of the big reason it’s so well received.

Mindy McCall

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