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“Not This Time” by Tanille

You can walk away from Tanille Edwards’ man, but you can’t break away from the confident and collected voice of Edwards. Performing under the moniker Tanille, her new song “Not This Time” is an ode to the empowerment of choice. The freedom to walk away when things are ‘just done’. Tanille’s queen demeanor and classic voice is finely presented in this up tempo R&B/pop single.

Containing almost the complete opposite words and lyrics as Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing”, the sentiment in “Not This Time” is of a woman that is done with the cheating and the fighting. She’s sick of the betrayal. “I just want someone compassionate and someone I can trust,” sings Tanille. Her voice is rooted perfectly with a natural harmony and tinted with golden trinkets of passion and confidence. If you’re wanting to know similar artists, I would suggest Jennifer Lopez, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Anita Baker. “I’m not gonna go crazy, not this time,” Tanille sings. She’s almost stoic when she sings that line. It struck me as moving at that particular moment. I could almost imagine her in the recording booth, closing her eyes during that verse. And in those few seconds, she’s released so much of her soul of her every being. “You know what you did,” Tanille sings. I imagined her not pointing her fingers, but rather just giving him that look. You know that look. The look of total disappointment and pain.

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What makes Tanille even more dynamic in “Not This Time”, besides the fact that she wrote the song, is that she incorporates a music bed that blends the disco era with the rave scene. It’s not surprising, as Tanille is a native New Yorker, and one can just imagine her gleaning the sounds of the world’s most exciting city and bridging it together into her unique artistry. The ‘old school’ seeps into her modern track, with a rhythm that weaves years and years of musicality. Does the music bed shatter previous sonic mixes? No, but it’s the type of music base that keeps the flow and lifts up the lyrics even more. It’s not a wallowing sound, it’s a charging sound. It gives the listener an impression that Tanille herself isn’t just sitting at home drowning her sorrows, but she’s literally flung her baggage out the window and moving on with her life. That is the music bed I heard. I’d really like to give her more praise on her music bed, but her voice does really outshine the beat.

Tanille is on her way with “Not This Time”. But, you could argue that she’s been on her way. She’s already released the singles “Baby Come Back to Me” and “Feel It”. She’s also received accolades for her holiday song “Santa Don’t Pass Me By”. “Not This Time” is gaining spins in several markets, including D.C., Chicago and North Carolina. I suspect that in no time at all, Tanille and her hits, especially “Not This Time” will be spinning nationwide. “Not This Time” is a striking track that left me wanting more.

Mindy McCall

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