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DawgGone Davis is Back With New Single

What’s your breaking point? Who from your past caused you to throw your hands up and say no more. Christian rapper and hip hop aficionado Rebecca ‘DawgGone’ Davis is opening her heart and her always-there sense of humor in her latest song, “No More”. Going straight to her marriage woes and mistakes, “No More” is a chance for Davis to divulge her truths, to give credence to her backstory and faith. Davis’ relatability and perseverance make her one of the most intriguing artists in the indie age.

It’s evident within the first few moments of “No More” that the gravitational pull between Davis and her listeners is strong. What’s she going to say next? What wordsmith trick is she going to pull out of her bag? She’s not the same style, as say Eminem, but she can throw out some doozy of a good time in the strangest of times. That’s what makes her so great. No more horsin’ around, Jesus is Lord, don’t cut the cord, I’m a big zero, He’s the real hero, she sing-says. She’s a bit like William Shatner in her spoken word approach, but she does have a rhythm to her beat. Don’t want to be a lazy old hag, she continues. Davis is rapping about her marriage, a union with a husband 20 years older than her. She details the experience of having her family tell her that she was wrong to do it, and she realizes it soon enough. She doesn’t want the baggage anymore and she’s made the mistake, but has to move on.

While she’s doing her thing, Davis has Chago Williams singing in her corner. Davis, who is based in Kansas City, Missouri, and Williams, who is based in Long Beach, California, have a cosmic energy between them. Williams’ singing is fire. He really hits the notes when he sings no more. He’s a diamond in the ruff for sure. The melting of his melody into the song really adds a genuine flavor, a bigger sound. It adds way more depth, too. The same can be said for guitarist Romain Duchein. With these two bonuses, Davis is in excellent company. I think adding their musicality gives her song a more polished outcome. It’s not that’s she’s a feral artist, but their skillsets really hone in the sound and final product. I like that she’s rebellious in her approach and she’s unfiltered. Williams, Duchein and drummer Jack T. Perry reign her in (as much as they can – she’s still the star).

How does this song make you feel? It made me feel like I’m not alone in my troubles. That even though her experience is completely different than mine, there’s still a human connection and a lesson to be learned. She’s not perfect, nor should anyone try to be perfect. In her own admirable way, she’s put her heart on her sleeve. She’s cut down the curtain between her and her audience. “No More” is one song that will leaving you wanting more of DawgGone Davis.

Mindy McCall

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