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Scott Celani Band – “For What It’s Worth”

Scott Celani brings back “For What It’s Worth” by Buffalo Springfield, and that is a bit uncanny for the Buffalo NY singer and songwriter not only paying homage to an important time piece. But also clearly updating it with dignity and ferocity to contrast the calm, cool and collected original to express the difference between what we saw in those time and what we are seeing unfold before our eyes in today’s society.  This is a task Celani proves should not be left up to just anyone, as he tackled it with superiority and gives the subject matter a new sheen because we are at even more odds now.

WEBSITE: https://www.scottcelani.com/

So many years later and this tune just will not go away, so it should get a new life here as it does, with Celani happening to be the one to do it.  You might even think it is taking advantage of something during a crucial time to stay quiet and reserved, but that was probably the same exact case when the softer version was released.  It was a long time ago, but “For What It’s Worth” is not a forgotten number anyway, it’s just that this new format should bring it back up for fresh air

I was completely surprised by this grand effort to remake what is probably an old favorite of mine if I am dating myself, but it works wonders on the senses with an effervescent finish the original doesn’t have.  I am talking about how this version transports you from what it was to what it is now, and it hits you like a ton of bricks compared to the soothing but tremendously slower Stills penned cut.  The Celani version is one that of his own, but it is no disgrace to anything about this song, it is on the other hand a huge compliment.


Celani pulls no punches, as where the original version is very mellow and organically powerful but in such a different way that it makes a two in one affair out of it, where you now have more than one great version on your playlist.  You can also add the video to your YouTube playlists as well, because if you like this it would be most advised to take a look at the promo video clip and see some of the action revisited.  The actual events that have gone down over the last few months are what the video centers around.

APPLE MUSIC: https://music.apple.com/us/album/for-what-its-worth-single/1532987725?uo=4&app=apple&at=1000lM6c

Between the completely remade song to the even stronger message to be found in the video, Scott Celani should be patted on the back and given an award just for stopping and cutting this version.  If I were able to say more about it, I would give way too much away, so make sure to look the video up because pictures paint all the words you need, and the rocked up chorus to “For What It’s Worth” makes new relevance out of what is already considered one of the greatest numbers of all time.

Mindy McCall

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