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Leo Sawikin Releases “Golden Days” Single/Video

New York City’s Leo Sawikin is branching out on his own with the new single “Golden Days”. The lead singer for alternative rockers, The Chordaes, makes alchemy with this pensive track. Revisiting the past and dwelling on how things used to be can be a precarious thing. Sometimes people get stuck in the past and can’t climb out from the spiral. “Golden Days” is proof that it’s okay to mourn what might have been, but it’s equally important to cherish the little things.


Rather than convolute his message with extra bells and whistles, Sawikin’s song is his voice and a piano. He captures longing. He captures mental exhaustion in this song in more ways than one. He glues together the sadness and tiny measures of love and light. He wants life to return to the way it was, and is lamenting that he didn’t appreciate the days when he had them. He had it all – the joy, the bright colors marking his path, and even days when he was in a bad mood, he wishes he could feel that again. He wants to feel something other than just being in a blah state-of-mind.

The piano pushes through, cascading along like memories dropping into a bucket. Sawikin takes special measures to ensure the backing music isn’t too blinding, too much of a distraction. The listener really hones in on his voice and falls down into the rabbit hole. Golden days, wasting them all on the games we play, one day they’re here then, they’ve gone away, gone away, I can’t help but long for the golden days, oh golden days, golden days, he sings. It’s the perfect springboard to find meaning within your own life. When he sings he line ‘on the game we play’ it calls to mind the idea of fighting with each other over something silly. It’s the perfect song to remember the good and bad times, just feeling grateful that you had them to begin with. Still, the sadness is hard to not ignore. But, you know what they say – misery loves company. I don’t think this is a Sylvia Plath-level song. I think it’s more of an R.E.M. “Everybody Hurts” realm. It carries a torch and lights that gut instinct in you that wants to both cry and get up and change the world. You want things to be so differently and the only resolve you have is to lose yourself in the words and Sawikin’s voice.


What’s the final verdict? This song gets to you. It finds you and it molds you once it has you within its grip. I think Sawikin is readying himself for a very long, successful career. I like his pace and I like the songwriting. I really like him. His voice, well, that is just full of stories in itself. He’s the type of singer that could sing the phonebook and you’d be fine with it. I’d like to hear more from him. “Golden Days” is a gem. It has a luster that is just as golden as its name suggests.

Photo by Shervin Lainez 

Mindy McCall



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