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“Special Delivery” by Keish Strong

“Special Delivery” is the new hip hop/R&B track from Detroit’s Keish Strong. This female powerhouse is taking the world by storm – “Special Delivery” follows an already incredible arsenal of hits that includes “Ice Cream Party” and “Why You Mad”. She has plans for a November 2020 album release, Doin’ My Thang and the hits are sure to grow. So how does “Special Delivery” make you feel, besides thirsty? It makes you want to dance, to groove and get ready for the night all-at-once.

Meshing together singing and a slower rap style, Strong’s flow is to-the-point and sassy. She’s also very approachable and has an instant rapport with the listener. Her voice is kind, of course, but the subject matter is more risqué. A female voice sings – and it could likely also be Strong the chorus: I got a special delivery. Believe me when I tell you that this will stick in your head for a very long time. Mixed under her vocals are some humming and awing, which turns into moaning towards the end of the song. It’s the prelude I have planned for you, Strong raps.

With a string of female artists pushing boundaries – from Cardi B to Lizzo to well, what started with Donna Summer, Strong is not alone in her sensual lyrics. I can definitely see this song being a part of the Victoria’s Secret advertising campaign – she mentions pink lingerie. Leaving the imagination to the listener, she certainly primes the situation. I became enamored with the feistiness in Strong’s vocals as well as her laissez fair attitude. The entire vibe is focused on her words. That’s not to say the back beat or the music bed isn’t potent, it is, but Strong’s strong suit is her lyrics. The music bed doesn’t throw a lot of curveballs at the listener, and it’s a steady rhythm. No reading between the lines or the bed sheets, rather, “Special Delivery” is Strong’s declaration to get some.

It’s obvious from the grinding beat and Strong’s lyrics, what “Special Delivery’s” objective is. Let’s be real here, there are a slew of song with the same endgame. Strong’s approach is unique, though, because she’s frisky, but not in an off-putting way. She’s ready for business and is unapologetic about her sexuality. That in itself is an artistic achievement. It’s also highly entertaining. I think of songs like “Get Down Tonight” from KC & The Sunshine Band or George Michaels’ “I Want Your Sex” or “Often” from The Weeknd, and it being one or some of their signature hits.

I feel as though “Special Delivery” is that key song for Strong. She’s in the nitro zone with this one. It’s sexy, it’s hot, it’s simmering. The listener disappears into the gut-hitting beat and the unrelenting chorus. And I’m sure Strong has a smile on her face the entire time because she sounds like not only is she preparing for a lovely night, she’s having a great time rapping about it. To her credit, Strong’s “Special Delivery” is also a great time for her listener.

Mindy McCall

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