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UK’s Marcello Vieira Takes His Own Sonic Escape Via New Single

What images do you conjure up when someone says the phrase ‘Southern Outlaw’? Do you find yourself imagining a black-leather clad biker badass? Or do you think of a rebellious speedster putting pedal to the metal, all the while, a bevy of cop cars follow en route? Whatever that image is, United Kingdom’s Marcello Vieira takes his own sonic escape with his new track, “Southern Outlaw”. Featuring a recklessly awesome electric guitar arrangement and Vieira’s lionhearted vocals, “Southern Outlaw” is a revealing, self-confessions of sin, awakening and hard work. It’s the stuff classic rock fans dream about.

WEBSITE: http://marcellomusic.com/

Growly and deeply-rooted in a baritone-cigarette smoked vocal cords, Vieira sings so I hustle to the bone, mask on covering my sneer, this is a sound, this my premiere…pain in the past, sand cast, thinking about troubles I amassed, yeah, foolish marks on ya mark, lead burn ‘em, like Joan of Arc. The rhythm beneath him, steady like the pavement, is  what sounds like a drum machine, but I could be mistaken. The guitar drives sidecar to his voice, like a gun in its holster. When I closed my eyes to listen to this song, the scene is a dimly-lit bar, a biker bar, but it’s a place that everyone can leave their sins at the door. Everyone is hiding something and the picture Vieira paints is one of a world that no one is perfect and everyone has something to rebel against. His hard-living tale reminds the listener to ride hard til you get caught up…living fast, brace for the outcome.

The thing is, it’s hard to brace yourself when the energy in this song is just a constant furnace. It’s not blinding or overpowering, but the synergy between the lines, Vieira’s amazing grit is nearly hypnotic. Much like a long road trip, you just keep staring at that road, waiting for the signposts to get to you, and you either get off the highway or keep driving. Maybe that’s his point – life is going on with or without you. If you do wrong by yourself, or others, then you have deal with it and keep pressing forward. This cathartic song for him is freeing. It’s freeing as a listener to realize that we’re not perfect and all of us have a little outlaw we’re chasing down. Even if we don’t think it’s us, we know someone in our circle of friends or family that has always traveled down the path of the less traveled. Vieira has a wicked way of capturing angst, hope and reality all into one in his hard rock hit.

AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/Southern-Outlaw/dp/B08GY1Y3QB

We already have a Lynyrd Skynyrd. We already have an Allman Brothers Band, a Humble Pie, a Grand Funk Railroad. We don’t have a sound like Marcello Vieira and his “Southern Outlaw” takes no prisoners when it comes to showing off his sound. He’s convinced me that he’s a rebellious spirit, a one-of-a-kind rocker, but for those wanting a bit more drum fills and blistering sounds – the heavy metal route might be more up your alley. “Southern Rocker” is a solid, packaged blues rock offering with killer vocals.

Mindy McCall

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