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“Get Up And Dance (Electro Remix)” by Zarbo

“Get Up And Dance (Electro Remix)” is a re-imagined mix of the 1985 “Get Up And Dance” song from Canada’s Zarbo. Zarbo is now revived by its namesake (and bassist and lead singer) Alexander Zarbo. Harnessing the exhilaration and excitement of music, “Get Up And Dance (Electro Remix)” is a hyper focused escape aimed especially at the listeners’ with a strong need to just let go. Get in the nitro zone, get up and dance with Zarbo.

You can’t go wrong with this song. Zarbo’s upbeat voice is mellowed or drowned out only because of the overthrow of funk and enamoring electronica. It’s pop electronica on overdrive. Zarbo, in an exotic, lower-tone voice, sings you start with your motions, subconsciously unlock the door, and carry your fantasy, gradually bend more and more. You know what’s coming up in the chorus, and it tattoos itself to your brain: get up and dance and get up, get up, get up and dance, and get up and dance, how does it feel, how does it feel, when you get up and dance, when so many people glance. Aiming for a quick to learn, easy to relate to song, this pop-lyric laced track is just the exact thing to let yourself go. Let yourself go and relax, have a great time, and get yourself dancing. It’s the perfect song for a morning workout or even the morning stop-me-from-hitting-snooze-a-second-time song. If you aren’t walking into your job with a big grin on your mug from this song, it’s unfortunate. I’m pretty sure I kicked my morning coffee habit with this song’s encouragement.

Besides the impressive, rubbery bass guitar arrangement. I loved the moments with the bass, and if I had one request, it would be for a few more of those. There’s also a faint beat drop. It almost sounds like a tennis ball bouncing up-and-down. That sound gave me Latin or Brazilian Carnival vibes. It’s sizzling hot and you can almost feel and see the sweat beads coming off the drum machine. I liked these extra accoutrements and the balance between an EDM heavy versus remixed pop track. Zarbo balances that line and gives fans of both genres just enough of each to feel satisfied. As crazy as this might sound, I think listeners that dig Billie Eilish will find this track to their liking. It has the rhythmic and just right amount of eclecticism to keep you fully engaged. You can’t buy or emulate this magic – Zarbo strikes a happy chord. I’m resisting the urge to say you can’t formulate this in the studio or computerized, but Zarbo’s imaginative ear really generates something spectacular in this updated version.

The original version appeared on Zarbo’s album A-Z Collection. He’s working his way through the tracks to redux each of the eight songs. With so much more technology and a world of sounds at his disposal, the new EDM -pop-house flavors will certainly open a huge range of global fans. This genre is red hot right now and the song is just the right temperature to catch fire.

Mindy McCall

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