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“I Wanna Know” by Jenn DeSantis

I feel so alive with you, I feel so alive, how can I ever say goodbye, singer/songwriter Jenn DeSantis sings in the celebration-like track, “I Wanna Know”. One can take this song to different meanings, but if you really listen to the words and hear between the lines, DeSantis is singing about finding that inner peace and inner strength to know that you are worth it. Struggling to find that special someone is just a moment away, or a that finding the person that loves you for who you are and nothing more is just a song away. “I Wanna Know” keeps the listener bopping along and is a ray of sunshine.


With a solid mix of pop electronic and DeSantis’ smokey vocals, “I Wanna Know” is like constantly getting a second wind during a workout. A runner’s high. The heavy bass beat is just fantastic. When DeSantis sings the melody, it’s a beautiful rush. She mixes in a funky high-pitched or kid-like harmony. It’s cute but not so cute you don’t take the song seriously. You see when she sings I wanna know, it’s like she’s putting that question out to the universe. She’s having this internal semi-crisis and finally finds answers by the end of the song to be patient, be okay within herself. The quirky music bed, though very fun, is just another reflection of that process. It might also be a mirroring of her personality.

I felt a sense of looking back, of gaining knowledge in her voice when she sings. It’s perhaps in this purview that she can really express her thoughts. The underlying music shifts and makes those emotional moments come to fruition. Juxtaposed to that is the flirty, fun music bedrock. She’s engaging. I liked the tone of the song, and especially the beat. I know this song is being released in 2020, but something about it feels very ageless. She’s not creating a wedge or pigeon-holing herself into a particular genre or time. That kick bass drum-like rhythm is so addictive in this track. This song practically pounces at you. It definitely gets better with each listen. That is what makes DeSantis’ songwriting structure so remarkable. You continue to find different thoughts and different emotions with each play. Spin it again and again, and that melody is too hard to escape.


DeSantis, who grew up in Pennsylvania, and attended State University New York Oneonta (SUNY-Oneonta), is now based in Los Angeles. Among her many live performance highlights, she performed at Beatle Fest 2018 (Jersey City), MIA in 2018 and 2019 and support to trans/LGBT icon, Ryan Cassata in May 2020. Her music and performances have been featured on BroadTube Channel, Vision and Vibes, Blonde Records, Indie Music Women, The Queer Network, Orbis Symphonia Radio and more. She’s also been nominated by WNY Music for “Best Vocals”. The former president of SUNY-Oneonta’s Songwriting Club also contributed to the movie soundtrack Drive. In addition to “I Wanna Know”, DeSantis released a five-song EP Chromatic Heart in 2019. Prior to that, she dropped “Someone Else” in 2017.

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