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AV Super Sunshine feat. Tommy Tutone – X File: 8675309

AV Super Sunshine’s new single had an unlikely birth. The wildly creative performer, musician, and songwriter from America’s Midwest fielded an idea from longtime promotional partner Stephen Wrench that he make use of the original master for the hook driving Tommy Tutone’s legendary pop hit “867-5309/Jenny” in a new track. Sunshine and producer Michael Bradford found a place for the iconic refrain in the bridge of “X File: 8675309”. The latest single from AV Super Sunshine follows the same successful pattern established with his previous releases; there are two mixes, one a dance mix, and explores outside the box ideas such as alien abduction.

Don’t think, going in, that it’s weird for the sake of being weird. Any listeners who have watched sci-fi movies will readily grasp the song’s “story” and a romantic relationship at the track’s core helps tether it to earth. The dance mix unsurprisingly has a more physical rhythmic attack. Bradford and Sunshine likewise work well together extending the comparatively condensed dynamics driving the single’s initial mix into arguably more daring territory during the dance mix. It’s much longer than the first mix but worth each additional second.

There’s more instrumentation in the original mix as well. Electronic touches courtesy of keyboards and synthesizers are, of course, key to the song’s success, but there’s inspired guitar and percussion added to the track as well. The mid-tempo pace is more fitting for potential radio play, though the dance mix has enormous commercial potential as well despite its seemingly prohibitive length.

You cannot say too much about Michael Bradford’s production skills. Anyone familiar with AV Super Sunshine’s past recordings can attest to the ongoing excellence they are sustaining with each new release, but even attentive newcomers will recognize the meeting of musical minds occurring with theses mixes. Bradford intuitively understands how to best frame and accentuate AV Super Sunshine’s multitude of strengths without ever sounding false or manufactured. Despite the production skill and electronic touches underlying this recording, it is a real song and the music breathes

The track is part and parcel of a larger film project starring Sunshine and his wife Philomena the pair were attempting to place just before the pandemic descended on us all. It remains to be seen if the film will see the light of day, I’m betting it will, but the track stands fine on its own as representative of Sunshine’s intentions for the film. I believe it is remarkable, as well, how AV Super Sunshine has maintained a five star level of artistic excellence over the course of his career with little, if any, lull in its quality. “X File: 867-5309” is the latest example of his artistry but I conclude this review certain and comfortable assuring you he will return soon with new releases that engage listeners in every way. It’s how he’s made music and written songs from the beginning. I don’t expect him to change, but I have full confidence he will only keep getting better with each new outing.   

Mindy McCall

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