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5 Ways Music Can Make You A Better Person

Guest Post by Billy Boissoneault , Musician and Music Instructor

Music is a big part of our day to day life. We listen to It every day whether intentionally or unintentionally. From the traffic jams to movie theatres, in parties or events, we hear the sound of music everywhere we go. Even sometimes in the comfort of your solitude, a song may come to mind and suddenly you find yourself singing with it.

Music can create substantial effects on the body and mind. It can change moods, trigger the release of hormones, stimulate the immune system, influence heart rate and breathing, and strengthen the emotional and cognitive centers of the brain.

“Music is the best healer for the mind, body and soul.”

In this article, we are gonna talk about the top 5 ways music can make you a better person.

  1. Be emotionally strong with music – There are lots of emotional benefits that come with listening to music. It strengthens you emotionally by exercising your nerve cells and fine-tuning your thought process. Moreover, if you’re musically talented, then you tend to be quite emotionally intelligent and are better able to read people’s emotions through the tone of their voice.

Science has provided many facts to prove that we have much more than just an emotional connection with music. It’s been shown that listening to music reduces stress, improves focus and productivity and boosts the overall health of a person.

  1. Improve immune system by music – Some researchers believe that music can boost the immune system. For centuries, music has been an incredible healing tool, and the researcher has found some reason behind this.

Recent studies show that music boosts the production of antibodies and natural killer cells that help combat bacteria, viruses, and cancerous cells. According to the research, listening to uplifting music for 50 minutes is enough to increase the number of antibodies in the blood. Although these studies didn’t survey different kinds of music, it is best that you listen to the types of songs you enjoy, because your personal preference of music will yield the best response.

  1. Enhance your focus with music – Scientists have shown that listening to music can improve your concentration rapidly. Music also adds spice to your day to day boring tasks. It helps you concentrate on the work you have, and prevents you from losing focus.

The effect of music on productivity and focus is however highly relative. A song that helps one person concentrate may be a distraction for someone else. Also, music shouldn’t be a song that will cause you to leave your task and start singing along. When it comes to maintaining focus, music without lyrics is the better option.

  1. Boost your creativity by music – According to research, listening to happy and joyful music helps the brain come up with more creative solutions. This is because music reduces pressure on the brain, and puts it in a relaxed state, necessary for creativity.

Of course, when it comes to defining happy music, the answer may be a bit different for everybody. It varies from person to person, but generally, happy music refers to any music that will help you feel positive and energetic.

  1. Increase physical performance with music – if you’re a member of a fitness club, you’ve surely noticed that there’s always music playing. Also, it’s quite common to see people wear their headphones when working out or jogging and there is a pretty good reason for that.

Studies have shown that music boosts energy levels and stamina during exercises. It stimulates the brain to feel the fun part of the workout and distracts you from the pain you feel from the intensity of the exercise. In addition, if you listen to music during workouts, you’ll be more likely to stick with your routine.

As you see, a daily habit of listening to your favourite music can change your mood and personality in a positive manner.

So which of the benefits of music surprised you the most?

Author Bio:

Billy Boissoneault has been a music enthusiast and professional instrumentalist for the last 20 years based in Edmonton, Canada with having 26,000 lessons taught. He owns a music blog that runs on the name of the Guitar Instructor.  Billy provides guitar lessons in Edmonton for all ages and abilities both online and offline.



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