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“Together” by Rock Band American Greed

“Together” is the new track from the rock group, American Greed. If we’re talking about greed and wanting more, than as a listener, I want more of “Together”. This song has that aching heartbreak, that subtle melancholy that triggers an immediate reaction. Like all great rock songs, it too, has that mesmerizing and edited guitar solo. The magic and the potpourri of classic rock and melodic rock backing music just keeps coming at the listener from all sides. “Together” is a powerful song, gathering the ingredients of a solid rock sound and then some.

American Greed is a rock group that features lead guitarist Matt Arana, lead singer Dave Farver, bass guitarist Bob Guion and drummer Michael Mesey. Arana brings a heavy dose of alternative rock – he’s formerly of the band MeshSTL. Mesey, who also wrote “Together”, can boast to being the handpicked by Chuck Berry himself to lead the rock and roll hall of famer’s band. The polished sound, leaving just enough room for that street credit rawness in “Together” is what makes American Greed such an enjoyable, invigorating band. They have solved that eternal quest for rock music that rocks the mind and the soul. Mission accomplished.

The chorus is easy to hum along to – I just want to hear you say/ we’ll be together/we will be together. Farver, sounding like the true front man that can lead a rock group like American Greed, effortlessly conveys empathy. He’s really struggling to say sorry to this other person, he’s missed out on a lot. The song captures those words for him. I imagine being a touring musician, songwriter Mesey wanted to put to song his experiences of not being there for his family or loved one. I think the song is very sincere. It’s not overdone and the words are to-the-point and not muddied in rhetoric or prose. Mesey says it best with so little.

The backing music is tight. This band has many years of performing – albeit together and separately – and it shows in the finished track. I’d like to regale you all with tales of bombastic drum solos and guitar solos the likes of the late Eddie Van Halen, but that’s not the case. It’s a sentimental, but cohesive edit. No dilly-dallying to the point and I loved the way the rhythms and tones blended to make the sound a tad regretful, but all together hopeful. It’s real. It felt real life, but the escape factor for me didn’t happen until the piano bed emerged. I was surprised by the majesty of it. It felt grand, but not over-the-top grand. Maybe it’s a bit more in the Queen or Elton John catalog realm, but it felt very classic rock sounding once the piano entered the picture. The drums, the guitars and of course the bass are fastened tightly. The listener just feels like they are in a room listening to this band live in concert. It translates very well to the recorded track – that chemistry. More, American Greed, more of this “Together”.

Mindy McCall

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