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“Everybody’s Calling” by The Fortune tellerz

Sometimes the best approach to a negative social climate is to throw down as hearty and buoyant a pop beat as you can muster, and if you didn’t think so before listening to “Everybody’s Calling,” the latest studio cut from The Fortune tellerz will make a believer out of you inside of its opening sixty seconds. Structured as a basic, cut and dry pop song but outfitted with some indie faceting with regards to its accordion-like harmonies and soft percussive pulsations that serve as a beat, “Everybody’s Calling” is only simple on the surface – in actuality, this song exhibits some mad depth for its creators. 

As much as the swing of the beat feels like the heart and soul of this track, the drums are always a little understated compared to the vocal, which is ironic when considering just how much of the song they’re defining with their very presence. The vocal is overstatedly simple by contrast, and though the guitar part has a limited voice in the harmony as we get into the chorus, it’s still clearly giving the singer enough foundation to get fancy with his melody as “Everybody’s Calling” presses on. Deceptive or decadent; no matter the label, this is an enigmatic pop single for sure. 

The bassline is way fatter than it needs to be, and though this would seemingly sink a lot of other songs similarly stylized in the way that “Everybody’s Calling” has been, it makes the vocal in this song sound all the more alluring. It’s occasionally helpful to try the untried when working off of a model that already breaks with the trend of an entire industry, and though it’s a little retro when put side by side with the competition, I don’t see how that’s much of a negative against The Fortune tellerz this autumn. 

More experimental in structure than it is in terms of substance (or performance, for all intents and purposes), “Everybody’s Calling” is a look I want to see more of with this band, and if given the right attention from the press as 2020 winds down to a close, I think I’ll get my wish in the next year. There’s no fragmented framework in the mix of this single nor its music video – I actually think this could be among the more fluid debuts I’ve heard from an indie pop act this month, and in addition to being one of the more unique releases I’ve reviewed on all fronts recently. 

Mindy McCall



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