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Tips on Creating an Effective Stage Persona

For anyone in the entertainment industry, stage appearance is quite important. No matter if you’re an industry veteran or you’re just starting out, the way you present yourself on the stage can either make or break your career. 

That’s why any artist should really take the time to come up with their own version of on-stage persona. Here, they need to think about the way they’ll act but also about the way they look. An artist’s styling will only contribute to their stage persona and help them make a true statement. That being said here are a few useful tips on creating an effective stage persona.

Pay attention to details

As mentioned earlier, when an artist is on the stage all eyes from the crowd will be on them. That’s why you need to carefully select not only the clothes you intend on wearing but your makeup and accessories as well. When it comes to your attire, try to come up with a style that feels personal and authentic. The same goes for makeup and accessories. For instance, you can make the type of accessories you’re wearing your main thing. So, as an example, you can choose to wear only jewelry pieces that feature natural gemstones. To find such pieces, check out moonmagic.com and browse their wide offer. Finding a small something you’ll manage to turn into a signature staple is one of the most important aspects of creating your stage persona.

Foster your uniqueness

On a similar note, once you manage to identify what it is that makes you – you, don’t ever try to hide it. Instead, make that thing as obvious and as prominent as possible. Your uniqueness is precisely the thing that attracted your audience in the first place. So, instead of trying to hide it, you should actually try to emphasize it as much as possible. Not only that, but you can even go a step further and exaggerate it. For instance, if you really like cats, you can find a way to make them an integral part of your brand. 

Take the stage by storm

One of the most common mistakes artists make is being too passive on the stage. This is particularly the case with new artists who might even be hitting the stage for the very first time. So, no matter if you’re a singer, a musician or a comedian, don’t hide behind the microphone pole during the entire show. Instead, feel free to move around and make the entire stage your own domain. This way you’ll come off as confident individual instead of looking like someone who’s too intimidated by the whole situation.  

Minimize quiet time

Quiet time is something any artist struggles with. Of course, it’s impossible to expect that there will be no quiet time during a performance. However, you need to ensure that there’s not too much of it either. Having too much quiet time during your time on stage can easily make you look like you haven’t prepared for your show properly. And, surely, no artist wants to come across as unprepared. Therefore, make sure you find a way to either minimize the quiet time or fill it with music or by interacting with your audience.

These were just some of the most important tips for artists looking to either enhance or create their on-stage persona. The more thought you put into this process, the better the outcome you can expect. So, make sure you approach this process with the right amount of care and come up with something that truly feels unique and personal.



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