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Lucia Tacchetti Releases 10-track Album

Buenos Aires, Argentina has a reputation for rich cultural life and stunning architecture. The ‘Paris of The South’ has produced an eclectic mix of musicians the last few years. Besides a growing hip hop scene, Buenos Aires is a top spot for EDM and electro pop singers to make their mark. One such artist is the stunning Lucia Tacchetti. Her new 10-track album, ELETÉ, pole vaults its way into the masses. With a made for pop stardom voice and the backing music to bolster her chances, Tacchetti’s future looks very bright.


There are many highlights on ELETÉ. Some of my favorite tracks include “Gritan Fuerte”, “Laberinto” and “Honestidad”. In “Gritan Fuerte”, the music bed invigorates the listener in a stealth-like way. All the tracks on the album are sung in Spanish, so I’m not able to translate each of the lyrics, but I can tell from the way she’s singing in this song that she’s wanting to take flight. I think she’s having an inner conversation about where she wants to be in life, and how is she going to have people hear who she is as a person and an artist. She could also be singing to a former lover about some of the obstacles she’s overcome. Tacchetti sings with a coziness, but like a true pop star, she has a glamourous touch to her voice. She’s very warm.

I highly enjoyed “Laberinto”. I found this one to be the most bizarre of the music flow. I loved it. It felt more evening, more club like. I think the gist of the song is about navigating life, about finding out who you are supposed to be and maybe who you think you will end up. Will you be on the journey and discovering all the caverns and crevasses of life together? Once again Tacchetti’s angelic voice transports the listener to another state-of-mind. It’s almost ambient.

In “Honestidad” gives another open diary look at her emotions. She felt stronger, more empowered in this particular track. In many ways, I think she’s conveying that she’s evolved. I think that’s why I enjoyed this track so much is because she shows a different side to her artistry – her vocal delivery –  in this particular track. She constructs another stirring music bed, but I think “Laberinto” had more character in its music base. “Honestidad” after a few listens, and this might be too bold of a statement, could be Tacchetti’s signature song. Maybe my radar is way off, but I just felt like this song makes a vibrant impression.


Overall, if you’re a fan of pop music, electronic music and world-music, then ELETÉ is a must have for your musical library. My recommendations for the songs above, as well as the tracks “El Magnetismo” and “Invisible” should catapult you into an amazing listening experience. I will be on the lookout for more Tacchetti songs and fingers crossed she makes it to the United States once touring resumes. I can easily see her supporting Kesha, Billie Eilish or Kylie Minogue.

Mindy McCall



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