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Brian Cottrill’s – Megaphone Inside My Head (LP)

The 10 tracks featured on Brian Cottrill’s – Megaphone Inside My Head, are truly a lockdown treat for anyone holding out for good music in the 2020 pandemic. The album was recorded without dwelling much to speak of on what the times are currently breeding, as it serves more purpose to bridge the gap between the past and future of good rock music. The album kicks off with “I’m Gonna Love You,” with its vintage record needle sound to immediately establish a retro vibe and it almost fools before it goes into what is essentially the album’s first full-on rocking number.

“Spin That Record” plays off the background of the opener as the title suggests from the description, and what a smoking hot number it is. I would even have to rate it among the best music of 2020 I have heard yet. What more can you ask for than a blast from the past without sounding too dated, as if rock were never dead, many assuming it is all but history.  The spunky “Teenage Kids” is more great stuff and a lot of fun with Erica Cottrill on harmony vocals, and complete with fuzzy guitar effects and charged up percussion on another absolute scorcher of a tune.

The drums of Bob Workman pick up on “You Can’t Stop Me” and his presence cannot be dismissed for the rest of the disc, playing an up- front role in most of the songs. This one is also very much in the vein of The Cars, citing “Let’s Go” and perhaps some others which cannot be simply forgotten, and anyone would-notice the inspiration of. I consider it a natural thing for music like this. The Duran Duran sound is nowhere to be found here, as not to confuse Cottrill with that type of 80s pop.

Cottrill pays more homage to harder rock than the new wave sound romantic bands were mostly known for, but it does include fantastic keyboard work by him, as well as killer lead guitar by David Zinn. Much of which is exemplified on “Take It Or Leave It” which goes from a wild guitar intro into a sharp riff leading one of the most accessible numbers on offer. The same can be said for “Boyfriend” with even more accessibility after a space-rock introduction and it is one of the more enjoyable Megaphone Inside My Head numbers without question to me.

“Don’t Tell Me What To Do” features Hannah Cottrill on harmony vocals for the second appearance of three daughters on the album, and once again the keyboards come on strong and so does the whole band. It plays well in unison with “What’s Her Name” also featuring Brook Cottrill on harmony vocals. This leaves no room for any fillers, with “Ice Cream Angel Baby” getting a word in edgewise before closing with an amazing rock ballad in the form of “If Tomorrow Never Comes.” This feelgood closing number features string by Davin Seamon, and it is a must hear on the way out of what is a totally solid new album.

Mindy McCall



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