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Kate Tucker Drops New Single

Making electropop-inspired content feel warm and natural isn’t the easiest of tasks an artist can be presented with, but you’d never know as much if you were going off of the new single “A Little Bit of Love” from Kate Tucker this November. Stacked to the brim with an electronica-style set of grooves that cushion Tucker’s lead vocal like nothing else could have, “A Little Bit of Love” is everything its title would have us believe it to be and just a pinch more, offering up an upbeat tune in a season that has been anything but easy for most of us. 

The bass here has a really plastic feel, but I like the contrast its tonality yields beside the warmth of the other instrumentation in the mix. There’s nothing that feels anything but deliberate in the construction of the arrangement, and I would even say there are a couple of instances in which it feels like Tucker’s voice is being over-processed on purpose, as if to intentionally amplify the substance of her lyrics through a forcefully black and white finish. It’s a compelling twist to alternative pop, and arguably something the genre has been in need of for a minute now. 

As this hook was produced, there’s simply no room for a reverb-saturated chorus or vocal harmonies that sound overwhelmingly textured; instead, the tight minimalism of the track winds up being the greatest point of catharsis in the whole of the song. There was probably an easier way of getting to the same conclusion than the route Tucker takes in this regard, but once again, I don’t get the idea that this is an artist comfortable with doing things ‘typically.’ She dares to be different here, and thus renders an otherwise simplistic rhythm – and the melodies adorning it – into something beyond grand in style. 

The music video for “A Little Bit of Love” is a bit brighter than the source material itself feels, but this seems to be the case solely to emphasize the duality in the compositional approach here. There’s a liberal helping of positive energy spilling out of the imagery and impacting the way we’re to interpret everything from the lyrics to the pace at which they’re unfurled to us, and with videos, I’ve always found this to be an unintended – but highly desirable – end result for both solo artists and groups the same. 

Complicated but beautiful and unique in the best ways I can imagine, I would call “A Little Bit of Love” a true identity single for Kate Tucker, who despite having a lot of mileage as a singer/songwriter in the pop genre has never received quite as much attention for her skills as she deserves. This is a transformative period for her scene as it stands to step into the future, and while this isn’t the first time she demonstrated some amazing talent, I think “A Little Bit of Love” has the potential to elevate her profile above the earshot of underground critics exclusively. 

Mindy McCall 



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