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Lesibu Grand Releases New Single/Video

Lesibu Grand is getting a lot of attention for her brash punk sound this year, and it’s easy to understand what all of the hype has been about when taking even a cursory glance at the new music video for her single “WFS.” A brutally honest track that churns us in a violent rhythm only to catapult us into a fairly melodic chorus, “WFS” didn’t need a lot of help sounding like a tough piece of material this fall; that said, the edginess of the music video and the antiestablishment attitude of its creator alone make it all the more appropriate a listen in the year 2020. 


Education, the idea of a central government authority and needless violence are all significant themes in the music video for this song, and to some degree, the straight-up stylization of the imagery reflects Lesibu Grand’s distaste for the mundane approach mainstream artists take on these exact issues. She’s encapsulating her politics with a decidedly glossy finish here almost as a means of being ironic, which is a bit more highbrow a notion than simply putting some shots of protests throughout history into a song that was originally written about getting stoned. This is an artist who isn’t fronting to glom onto a trend, and that wins a lot of points with me. 

Aside from the lyrical content here, the rhythm of the instrumentation suggests a fiery passion that no performer can fake, no matter how well-rehearsed they might be. From the moment she steps up to the microphone to the second the music disappears into the silence, Lesibu Grand’s motivations are never in question – not because of cosmetics or any surface level elements, but instead because of the aggressiveness with which she delivers her song to us. The urgency is in her movements rather than the actual tempo, making us feel the fast pace without anything sounding rushed. 

The instruments aren’t quite as loud as the vocal is in the master mix, but this kind of cohesiveness showcases the strength Lesibu Grand has as a singer without having to rely on a lot of fanciful equipment to sound like a boss. She has natural gifts that are on full display here, and instead of making the entirety of the piece centered on what her skillset can do – as many pop musicians would have – she’s using the weaponry she’s got to tell us a story we definitely need to hear once more. 

If there were any listeners or critics who thought punk rock needed to hit the refresh button in 2020, Lesibu Grand has heard your cries loud and clear and answered with what could be one of the more effective releases the genre has seen in a long time with “WFS.” Though far removed from the scatter-shot discord of Black Flag and Flipper, “WFS” still screams with the same passion you’d find in any punk classic, which in my experience isn’t something any fan of the genre will be quick to pass up. 

Mindy McCall 



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