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The Tennessee Werewolves by “American Dream”

In a saloon out west, The Tennessee Werewolves are drinking and smoking their pains away in the video for their new single “American Dream,” but while the substances on the table have a strong effect in their own right, it’s the melodies this band will make that become the most intoxicating element here. In “American Dream,” The Tennessee Werewolves are saying no to the predictable platitudes and watered-down metaphors of a lyrically lackluster Nashville scene, instead pledging their allegiance to an alternative movement within the country genre that needs a group of their caliber backing its goals now more than ever before. 

While the main spotlight falls on the melodic elements in this song, the percussion creates a tense beat that definitely warrants just as much discussion as anything else here does. There’s a tenderness to the rhythm of the beat that implies retrospection beyond what the lyrics are already alluding to, and while it’s subtle and a little surreal, one could come to the conclusion that “American Dream” was meant to be as self-aware in tone as it was commentarial. There are different ways to break this down, and because of its multidimensionality, I want to hear more of what this group can do in the studio together. 

There’s a lot of good country music coming out of the woodwork in 2020, but if you’re looking for something guaranteed to go against the grain of the major label narrative, The Tennessee Werewolves have a sound that just might interest you more than others will. “American Dream” is a good measurement of where they’re at in cultivating their music, and going off of what we’re presented here, I think it wouldn’t be too grand a stretch of imagination to assume we’ll be hearing a lot more from The Tennessee Werewolves in the near future. 

Mindy McCall 



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