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Druv Kent – Don’t Burn Away (Single)

Druv Kent creates a gathering, a jolt to the pop and folk indie music scene. His new EP Don’t Burn Away sets the world smoldering with lush guitar work and a voice that speaks to the heavens. The title track is an expansive sound. Reaping the benefit of an instant rapport with the listener, and a sound that emits golden textures, “Don’t Burn Away” is a lovely song. It pulls together all that is beautiful in the world of music – and Kent delivers a barn burner of a song.

When your world is getting sold, and your sun is turning cold, find the light that’s in your soul, don’t let it burn away, sings Kent in the song’s opening. These words are also the chorus and he uses them frequently. I think sometimes in pop music the chorus can be too short, or overused. This is not the case. He sings a lot like Michael W. Smith – every word feels like a spiritual delivery. This is not a Christian song, per se, but it’s definitely devoted. Kent, and he even sings that he won’t give up, is bent on lowering the planet’s temperature and stopping global warning. I loved this new take on saving the planet.

Beneath it all I seem so small, is an awesome lyrical line. He immediately transported me to the Grand Canyon, the moving guitar work alongside my mental journey. The guitar is very subtle, a backdrop to his voice, and it really carves out a sentimental, hopeful sound. This is going to sound strange, but this also felt like a Disney soundtrack song to me. I mean that as a compliment, too, because as much as his voice is deep and gripping, it’s also balanced out by a delicate nature. He sings like Smith, but he also has a Broadway and Disney vibe happening in the mix. I can see his voice being a favorite to young children because he has that immeasurable spark laced into his voice. There is something magical in his voice that makes you yearn for more. And, it turns out, he’s a fighter for Earth. He’s wanting to lower Earth’s temperatures. So, I suppose you could say he’s also a super hero. If you want to go there.

Kent makes you believe and makes you believe one action is not that small. He may sing that he seems small, but he’s not. This is a giant step and a song that could fill the airwaves and really create a revolution. For now, it’s a great first step on the sonic journey. As the indie music world gets to know Kent and his easy to embrace voice, we will continue to admire him from afar. Kent is based in Singapore and has toured the United States. He’s also currently working with other musicians in Nashville and Sweden. What’s next? We will have to wait, and until then his ears must be burning with all this buzz about him and “Don’t Burn Away”. The song and Kent have my stamp of approval.

Mindy McCall

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