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“Mundane” by Mali

If you had a year to think about your next move, where your life would take you and what next steps to take – how would that conversation go? If you’re singer/songwriter Mali, the song “Mundane” comes from reflecting on a recent graduation, and embarking on her musical career. Her pop track, a single from her album Caution To The Wind, cuts through the fray. Laced with quirky, fun synth beats, “Mundane” is potentially one of 2020’s best tracks.

Mali, who is based in Mumbai, India, has an immediate trust with her listener. The listener slips away into the murky, but positive textures. The song has a lot of tones that bring to mind late night thoughts, early morning vibes. I don’t know about you, but I remember many late evenings at an all-night diner, just observing and contemplating life. You sit there with your friends thinking, there’s more than this, right? Not quite a full-time professional, and degree in-hand, the world seems ready for you. And you sit there, downing a few more cup of Joes, the neon lights buzzing outside on the city that never sleeps’ streets. Nothing about this scene is mundane, but sometimes you have to embrace the boring to appreciate the special.

I open the door and the world to explore, sings Mali. Her voice is honey-dipped, just sweet enough that she’s easy to embrace. She sings light-hearted, but rooted in true emotion, nonetheless. This song, in addition to calling the late night dreamers to the table, also gathers the grit that’s within all of us. She’s inspiring in – especially in the line – why complain? It’s like those gut check moments, when you realize that time is a gift. Money can buy everything and anything, but it can’t by time. Mali’s voice jumps from delegate to assured. This makes it all the more interesting when the lyrics flow like a lollygagging jaunt. Oh so mundane, she sings. Her warm voice sparks a bright injection into the already energized music bed. Mali’s gorgeous voice is a reminder, too, that an artist that can find the beauty in the ordinary is extraordinary. Her vulnerability is ours for the taking. Selfishly speaking, I went back to that gift over and over. Each time I’m reminded of the power of music, and the audacity Mali presents in such a voice that speaks so loud. She’s someone that many people should have on their radars.

Caution To The Wind is the latest in Mali’s discography. Her debut EP Rush came out in 2017. She followed up with “Play” in 2018 and “Mango Showers” in 2019. She also released “Age of Limbo” earlier this year. What is happening before our very ears is a singer/songwriter that continues to release relevant, unique songs. In many ways, she rekindles the connections and the humanity found in pop music. “Mundane” is ideal for fans of Nelly Furtado, MGMT, Tame Impala and even Foster The People. If you’ve got the time, and you probably do, “Mundane” is definitely worth the listen.

Mindy McCall

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