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More Than Words Releases “Christmas Time For Everyone”

“Christmas Time For Everyone” leaves nothing on the table to want when it comes to celebrating the holidays. The lush vocal harmonies the afterglow – the seasons best accoutrements are embellished into the song from Germany’s More Than Words. The family band, a trio made up of mom, dad and daughter, sing boldly and give a vibrant picture of all the good that happens when family’s come together to celebrate. The reason for the season – the joyous occasion is marked. “Christmas Time For Everyone” is one of the best original holiday songs to come around in quite some time.

I loved that More Than Words is a family band. Making up the group is

Stephanie Hertel and her husband Lanny Lanner. They are joined by daughter Johanna Mross. While their home base is in Germany, Lanner brings New York roots to the group. They also have a very distinct country/ Nash Vegas, rousing tone to the song. I felt like the winter wonderland song had much more of a rhinestone/outdoorsy hayrack ride feel than a city or urban scape. When you close your eyes to listen, you feel the warmth of their voices, but you also feel the love happening between them. They have a way of making the listener feel like it’s time to replenish and rejoice. Look, there’s a lot of competition when it comes to Christmas and holiday music – trying to stand out can be like finding a needle in a haystack. More Than Words have the edge in that their voices blend so well together when they sing – they even switch off voices individually. I loved that they did that because in a wonderful way, it’s like we’re all contributing when you hear the different voices.

Open your heart tonight, to the needy and the ones in plight, just reach out your hand and show you care, be grateful for the life you live, are some of my favorite lyrics. I found these words to be very touching and so easy to take to heart. These are simple things to do and we often forget the simple when it comes to Christmas. So many times in our lives we want to shower family and friends with gifts – over the top. I think Christian music fans will definitely love that about the song, and the song does acknowledge that it’s baby Jesus’ birthday. Even if you’re not a religious listener, I think you can glean from this song that one’s moral compass should always be pointing the right direction – especially this time of year.

“Christmas Time For Everyone” means what it says. It is for all. Don’t get too hung up on genres. Escape into the charm and the aura of lights, family and gratitude. You will be hearing a lot about being thankful in the next few weeks, and how this year more than ever we need an escape. I’m not going to disagree and if you’re looking for something to add an extra smile or share a tender moment – then “Christmas Time For Everyone” is your ticket.

Mindy McCall

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