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Reasons why you should start a Rock Band at School

Every student needs some sort of activity other than studies. This prevents them from getting dull by the monotonous routine and refreshes them. Students have varying interests. Some like sports, while others like music. A rock band provides students with the freedom to express themselves via music without having to follow any rules.

School is not just about taking classes, giving exams, and getting good grades. In reality, it is about growing as a person, interacting with different types of people, and figuring out your interests. School clubs are beneficial for this. They offer extracurricular activities that break the monotony of classes. These may include your traditional sports clubs, writing club where you do an essay, or maybe IT clubs and now even a rock band/club. Some form of the musical club is present whether a choir one or for learning instruments. A rock band is also a great form of extracurricular and comes with its own set of benefits.

A Different type of musical band

Rock music is different from other types. Traditional and rock music focus on a very different set of skills. While traditional music focuses on honing your talents of one instrument, rock encourages learning to play various types of instruments. Another significant difference is reading, learning to play, and understanding written music. Classical music lays great emphasis on this, whereas rock does not. It is not something standard you have to follow and play accurately. It allows for freedom of expression. It comes to students a lot more natural, and they go with their flow rather than sticking to a specific course. It gives students a chance to be more creative. The connotation that there are no wrong methods in playing or composing it gives the student free rein which boosts their morale and overall productivity. When joining a musical band, most students are under pressure as to their performances. Most kids joining the choir worry about their shortcomings. Nevertheless, with this type of club, there is no one standard to meet. Everyone has a different goal which makes it a comfortable environment as well.

Enhances learning ability

Auditory learning is the type where a person learns through listening. Contrary to this, some students prefer other forms like writing, to handle all types of writing home assignments you better ask for help from Essayzoo. A musical band with diversity is the perfect setting for someone with an auditory style of learning to sharpen this skill. The constant student engagement helps them get better at this.

You cannot expect a student in this club to immediately write their music and make albums at the start. That is why they usually begin with singing covers to famous songs. Students learn to modify these songs to their versions. Since most of the songs we listen to our professionally recorded, creating those setting for students is not a viable option. This allows them to practice problem-solving skills. They have to come up with creative solutions for the parts they cannot recreate.

Challenging yet motivating

Due to the diverse range of rock music, it is quite a challenging genre to excel it. It is very demanding with rock artists having to learn multiple instruments. It is by no means easy and requires a lot of practice. At this point, you should know how to start a band and get members because they are necessary. Not everyone is a musical prodigy and chances are that a lot of your club members will require constant practice too. This will create an atmosphere of healthy competition. This competition keeps the students motivated to work harder and prevents them from slacking off.

Moreover, with an entire band, everyone is accountable for improving their skills. With set times for practice, students are less likely to procrastinate and be unmotivated. Even those students who excel in traditional forms of music will find this genre every challenging. It is not just about wanting to excel at it that is motivating but rather having a group of people to support and influence you to do better continuously.

Musical Independence

Musical independence is a very sought-after trait in student artists. It is basically the ability to play without someone being there to direct or guide you. It is not an easy feat to accomplish. Rock genre is one of the few that do not require a conductor to guide the performance. Without a conductor dictating the movements, it becomes harder to coordinate. Students in a rock band start with this. They have to learn to listen to what the other member is playing and pick up on cues on when to start or stop or change the tune. It requires a lot of practice and cooperation, but it is a valuable skill that will later help in any genre. An instructor coaches a high school’s rock band, but he/she should guide the students. If they end up directing students too much, then the high school rock band will suffer.


Most rock artists play more than one instrument, which is why this is the most versatile genre. It encourages the band member to try out different instruments, and with healthy competition, everyone tries to excel at it. It does not focus on one factor but on improving multiple skills.

Rock music is not simple. It has several sub-genres; this is why you need to determine what rock band are you. The main few types include heavy metal, indie rock, punk rock and many more.  You can decide on whether the focus will be on one sub-genre or dabble into the different types.

How to start

Once you have decided that rock music is the form of extracurricular you want to join. It is time to ask the question of how to start a rock band. Forming it in school is not a very difficult task. All it requires is the following steps;

  1. First of all, you need to find other students that want to participate in them as well. You can recruit members by creating a Facebook page or hanging up posters about starting a band.
  2. The next step would be practicing a lot and trying to sing songs.
  3. Get a faculty sponsor and apply to perform at school events like at the prom.

Rock music is an unconventional music club, but it is a great way for the students to express themselves.  Due to its intense diversity and no set-in-stone standards, many students find it fascinating and inspiring. A rock band has the space for every student and their unique music taste.

Cody Rhodes is a learning specialist at EssayZoo, he designs and delivers learning initiatives (both in-class and online) for a global and internal audience. He is responsible for the on-going development, delivery, and maintenance of training. He has the ability to manage competing priorities to execute time-sensitive deliverables within a changing environment. He contributes in continually improving the team’s processes and standards and works as a member of the team to assist with team initiatives.

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