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Grey DeLisle – “O Holy Night”

Patiently emerging from the silence and overtaking our speakers with her perfectly soft and melodic lead vocal, Grey DeLisle is simply a vision in her new single “O Holy Night” and its music video, both of which are making a splash this holiday season and reminding listeners just how talented a player she really is. Running under four minutes but feeling really stately thanks to the pendulousness of its tempo, this version of “O Holy Night” is a mood-setter if I’ve ever believed a Christmas song to be one, and to say it spotlights the vocal abilities of this incredible artist wouldn’t be doing it quite enough justice. 

DeLisle’s voice is such an integral emotional component of the narrative here that there are occasions on which the composition begins to feel like it’s hers and hers alone. Thousands have recorded it over the past century, and still her indulgent but somehow restrained melodicism feel like a definitive signature making the verses something of her own heart exclusively.

She has such a presence that trying to evade her glow is impossible; this is evidence of her eminence beyond any need for debate, and it’s reason enough for me to go back through her discography just to see what I might have missed prior. 

I was hoping to find a fun Christmas cover in Grey DeLisle’s version of “O Holy Night” this December, but I didn’t think I was going to hear something as affective as this at all. I think there’s cause for this musician to record an entire album of holiday songs if she’s up to the task, and between now and Thanksgiving 2021, I don’t see why she couldn’t try and apply the same magic she did to this track to something even grander in size. The project has my endorsement, but in any case this single is something listeners need to hear before the month is out. 

Mindy McCall



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