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“Replay” from Singer/Songwriter Alex VanTrue

Loss, fear, coping – the new single “Replay” from singer Alex VanTrue, along with songwriter James Fairchild’s lyrics, cultivates a reflective mood. More than anything, the song “Replay” touches the heart in a gentle, but piercing way. Those starved for an outlet to release their pain might find this song a companion piece. If you’re not in pain and still want a chance to immerse yourself in the slow dance of a gifted singer, then “Replay” will stimulate your mind in a way that only song can do. “Replay” as arresting as it flows, the song is beautiful.


Fairchild writes of the past – a time when his love lost the baby early into the pregnancy. I commend Fairchild for tackling such a devastating life event. As a listener, I couldn’t turn away, and just move on from this song. It’s quite a delicate subject and it’s obviously therapeutic to Fairchild in putting pen to paper so many years later. This can be a double-edged sword for song – and I think what Fairchild has presented is stunning. I felt very invested in the story and enamored with the love that is being conveyed.

At the helm, is singer VanTrue, armed with a voice that elevates this song to whole other level. “Replay” takes the listener to a place that feels intimate, but open to the world. Like an open diary and confessional, VanTrue surpasses any trivial emotions. VanTrue sings like he’s lived this life himself, and he’s intertwined his voice to match Fairchild’s experiences. While he sings, a rousing music bed, soft rock and brandished guitar riffs surround the listener. This song feels organic and clean. It also rambles around the folk and Americana genres. “Replay” has a rhythm that grows with each listen. One listen might have you in tears; the next listen might have you fixated on the guitar groove. This song reveals so many personal moments in its lyrics, but as a contemporary song, it mimics the sign of the times. What I mean by that is that both men and women are opening up about loss in their lives – children or other beloved family members. In a time of focusing on mental health, it’s time to embrace “Replay”. I think VanTrue projects ribbons of honor intertwined with utter empathy. His voice is a cannon – but a sensitive one that brings shock, awe and love. VanTrue’s voice is a privilege.

VanTrue is based in Portugal. He sings lead in one of Europe’s top tribute bands,One Vision: A Queen Tribute. Fairchild’s personal journey continues to unfold and his website features a much more in-depth depiction of the origins of “Replay”. A painful past certainly doesn’t paint a wicked future. By choosing such a strong singer in VanTrue, I believe that Fairchild brings semblances of closure and shines a bright light on his personal healing. This is quite inspiring. “Replay” is an unguarded, smooth sailing through a difficult subject, but champions the end result. This song makes the listener feel good, and feel safe.

Mindy McCall

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