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Lucky Harmon “Party Life”

Lucky Harmon doesn’t need to invite a ton of players into his studio for a hot collaboration, and in his new single and music video “Party Life,” he and Bboy Fidget demonstrate that sometimes two smart musicians can get more done than some would ever expect. Trading vocal virtuosities and expanding upon a single-dimensional beat is already some pretty highbrow stuff in comparison to what a lot of other artists have been doing in 2020, but rather than giving us more of the same quarantine pop we’ve heard a hundred different ways by now, these guys are committing themselves to something a bit more enthralling. 

Official Website: https://www.therealluckyharmon.com/

Even if the song had been performed by an entire orchestra, the grooving that takes place between the start and finish line in this single is something that forces us onto a limb that only the likes of these two vocalists would be able to get us down from. There’s a lot of tension in the air that swells consistently as we near the climax of the track, and only when Bboy Fidget swings in to break up the melodicism from Lucky Harmon do we actually experience just how nimble their linguistic capabilities really are in the heat of the moment. 

For running about three and a half minutes in total, “Party Life” feels a lot more relentless than a lot of the other pop singles I’ve listened to this December have – but then again, none of them were recorded by someone with the kind of skillsets Lucky Harmon and Bboy Fidget have. They’re balling out here and utilizing textural presence as the tipping-off point for the brawn of the beats, and outside of an advanced alternative pop movement in the American underground, I haven’t seen the concept be put into practice quite as well as they have here.

Mindy McCall 



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