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“High Heeled Shoes” by Stacy Gabel

From the moment we hit the play button on either the music video or a stream of the new single “High Heeled Shoes” by Stacy Gabel, there’s a faint warmth emanating from the strings of an acoustic guitar that will soon become the catalyst for the track’s greatest moments. The brief instrumental introduction to this song is subtle and only teases the possibility of decadence; as we’ll soon discover over the next few minutes is a near-perfect cocktail of delicate melodies and formidable beats designed to give us the best that Gabel can offer in the studio.

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The vocal swings into focus and immediately starts adding a bit of texture to the larger harmony in the track, but it doesn’t completely steal the spotlight away from the growing instrumental allure in the background at all. One of the most compelling elements of this single is its combination of tonal presence and lyrical humility; in other words, while the music itself sounds like highbrow pop specifically tailored to the millennial audience, the verses here are really humble and humanized by the style of Gabel’s delivery. She’s turning a blushing pop song into a simple, quaint ballad, and the magic she produces along the way is nothing less than incredible. 

Stacy Gabel is an artist I had my eye on in 2019, but in 2020 she definitely raised the bar for herself with tracks like “Hushabye Mountain,” “Stir Crazy” and “High Heeled Shoes.” This is by far the best of the trio and perhaps the biggest identity piece of her discography so far, and if you’re curious about whether or not her sound is for you, “High Heeled Shoes” is a song you can use to find out. She’s won my heart over three-fold this year, and I’m excited to see how she’ll top herself in 2021. 

Mindy McCall 



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