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Mason Embers’ “Rush”

A brooding lead vocal is often all a simple pop song needs to feel like a watershed of a single, and while I can’t say this is the sole reason why I would deem Mason Embers’ “Rush” as much this December, it’s definitely one of my favorite elements of the song. Embers has a vocal that just doesn’t give up in tough spots, and in this particular performance he balances strong emotion with a powerful poetic bend I didn’t know I was going to be encountering when I first heard about “Rush” just a little over one week ago. 

Official Website: https://www.masonembers.com/

The music video for this song is a bit cerebral for my taste, but it keeps the focus on its soundtrack effortlessly, never derailing into a pile of pointless decadence as so many other videos cut in the past year have. These days, artists are going one of two ways – heavy on the cosmetic varnish or completely barren of any frills at all whatsoever – but I think it’s interesting how Embers has found a means of doing both without having to adhere to the rules of either. The composition itself is really well-polished and free of any hiccups (including affectionate indie ones) while the production style is a bit more clean cut, thus achieving leanness while still having some flash up front. 

Embers’ voice is utterly heart-melting in “Rush,” but whether it’s his vocal harmony or the instrumental foundation that creates the perfect hook for him to straddle in this piece, something here is bound to give you some chills upon hearing the song for the first time. I’m so ready for this artist to release a full-length album, and at this point I would have to say there’s nothing more he needs to do before getting into the studio and recording it. 

Mindy McCall



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