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“Does She Know” and “Roll It Up” by Lecretia Ann

Lecrtia Ann is a southern rocking country singer/songwriter and guitar player from South Carolina, with a smooth sounding band and a voice full of pure moxie and southern sass. “Does She Know” is the single in question from her new record Better Thangs, which comes with nine killer tracks all weighing in the same. “Roll it Up” also gets some lover here, as it measures up because they all do, even though the lead off single always gets the first honors. I could listen to this fabulous single all day, so it’s really easy prop her and these great songs.

“Does she Know” is a strong way to start off an album, but the whole thing is very-strong, and I doubt there was a lot of difficulty in the track arrangement selection. I could also easily see myself review this entire collection of songs but it’s the two in particular that get the space here I am just saying it’s worth checking out the whole album. But it also coincidental that “Roll It Up” is the final song on the album so the angle cover both ends of it in the process and will cover both in good enough detail.

I know what the content is about on “Does She Know” but it’s still somewhat vague because it has a chorus that sweeps you away and the lyrics don’t quite give way the inspirational source, being from one of the old TV soap opera’s her grandmother used to always watch. But that is where Lecretia’s head was at when writing this amazing tune, but as a song it’s neither here nor their if you just concentrate on the music and the melody with the point being you can make whatever you want out of any real good song like this.

The mark of any true artist is how they make you feel when you hear them, and that is where Lecretia Ann hits one out of the park. “Does She Know” is incredibly easy to digest as the popping chorus speaks for itself with a lighthearted but very lush voice with an underlying monster within. This song plays like I’ve heard it a thousand times before, but not in the familiar way you are normally reminded of a song, it does that on its own merit.

“Roll It Up” takes the energy up a notch with another smoking track but one of more reckless abandon, especially in the lyrics but the cool thing about that is the humor of some of the words. The fact is, once you hear this you’ll loosen up and want to hear more songs by Lecretia Ann. “Roll it up and smoke it” is best line I have heard in a country song in years, and it takes me right back for another spin so I’ve done my share of time listening and that is why it comes highly recommended as some of the best material I’ve heard in the crazy pandemic lockdown of 2020.

Mindy McCall

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