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Gabriele Saro & Roberto Fabbro Release 2 New Singles

As time goes on, I believe the concept of music “genres” has only become further antiquated. David Byrne of Talking Heads fame once penned a controversial op-ed in The New York Times damning the term “world music”. He argued that it was a derogatory term that only promoted the idea that non-American music was considered “the other” and therefore kept audiences from widening their tastes and gaining a further appreciation once arbitrary lines have become blurred and allow us to accept music as a nonrestrictive “utopia”.

While I’ve listened to many bands from various countries, it’s always exciting to discover a new blindspot, case in point: Italian Rock. Italian Rock was created chasing the wave of popularity and success of the US and UK, and as an antithesis to the melodic ballads that were growing stale based on popular consensus. Not too dissimilar from the Spaghetti Western and what it intended to do recontextualizing mainly American conventions, Italian Rock is a fascinating listen combining familiar elements with new musical flavors transforming into an original contemporary.

Enter Italian indie-rock duo Gabriele Saro & Roberto Fabbro. Saro’s background comes from an unorthodox combination of business administration and a master’s degree in composition for film music, whereas Fabbro (of the band The RobAnd) is known for his rock instrumentals. Sonically, the two are a match made in heaven. With their most recently releases, the empowerment anthom “Bextacy” and the gruff twist on an archaic rock mold, “Dangerous Running”, the two have solidified themselves as being a fresh new duo in an oversaturated rock market. “Bextacy” lets you know its intent starting with an alarming glass crashing sound effect. I won’t lie, the first time I listened to this track, it legitimately made me jump and I’m not one to even be startled by horror movies. It’s not a randomly chosen noise either. You can definitely tell based on Saro’s film musical background that he completely understands auditory intent.

The song itself is the thematic representation of growing tired of the old ways, old relationships, and moving on, especially with the lead female vocals shouting they’re “still alive!”. It’s a genuinely effective song with layered guitars and bass, and I can very believably see this as a “weekend bar time” playlist favorite. The standout of the two to me is Dangerous Running, a wonderful reinterpretation of the high octane rock thumper. It’s an inspired track dutifully backed by the album artwork of a pink hot rod in a dessert road. I highly recommend these tracks to anyone looking to dip their toes into Italian Rock and what it can offer. I’m hopeful as this pair continues to experiment with their sound that they’ll burst through to the mainstream and help continue to knock down the walls of what Rock especially right now, can offer.

Mindy McCall

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