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“The Vaccine” by Darrell Kelley

Atlanta based hip hop & gospel rapper/singer/songwriter Darrell Kelley returns to the never ending subject well that is 2020, with his newest single “The Vaccine”. Back in March when most of the United States alongside the rest of the world participated in one of many shutdowns, many of us had two prevailing thoughts: this will only last a few weeks, and we’ll have a vaccine in no time.

Hi, welcome to December, what a year right? The effects of the virus cannot be understated. It has devastated millions, killed hundreds of thousands and show no signs of slowing down unless proper action is taken. Many have taken to seeing this vaccine as the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, but skepticism remains high.I think, personally, it’s less about the vaccine’s efficiency, but more so about the promise of a cure. 2020 has been one of those years where it seems despite so much wrong done in the world, even the prospect of a solution seems to good to be true, and given the recent let downs by the American government, skepticism is certainly understandable. Darrell Kelley even released a song this year making his voice heard that the public needs to take the pandemic seriously and do their due diligence to help stop the spread.

One could say that plea fell on a certain amount of deaf ears. Luckily one of the best things about Kelley is that he doesn’t seem to be one who is easily deterred. The Vaccine is a very straight forward plea, in that Kelley just wants to take it, he wants to feel safe and healthy and he wants others to be able to trust it and take it too. “We need to get this Covid under control,” Shoot me with the vaccine before I end up dead.” The delivery sometimes might come across a tad bit goofy, but the legitimate concern and fear is palpable. There’s a bit of a startling tonal dissonance when Kelley cites that he’s heard rumors that the vaccine will “change your DNA,” and install chips that can track you, but Kelley affirms there’s tons of rumors and they can all be lies. The song is somewhat an anomaly, not one that can be easily quantifiable. It’s not thumping enough to be considered a banger, but it’s not as hummable as his previous work to be considered a jam. It exists comfortably in this middle space as an effort to entertain and to raise awareness and express another point of view.

Kelley strikes me as a humanist who’s deeply empathetic and he wants to see us all come together and be well in our health so that we may keep on living. As far as songs with a message go this year, it’s hard to argue against it.

Mindy McCall

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