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“There’s Reason” by skinsNbones

Australian indie rock band skinsNbones makes a low key return with their latest single “There’s Reason”.Formed by vocalist and front man Jason Kafoa in December of 2019, skinsNbones is a rock group with a decidedly unconventional point of view. They wish to expose the rock world to greater complexity by diving into hard hitting questions about modern life, societal issues and other very nuanced takes we don’t see often covered in modern rock. It’s a very deliberate choice that the bands logo is a near repeating question mark, because they want to question everything.

You can tell this has been a hard year on the band given their releases ranging from the exciting ‘Forever On” to the heavier introspective and decidedly morose “Is There Meaning”, which “There’s Reason” acts as a somewhat response to. On the outset, I wouldn’t describe skinsNbones as for everyone, but they’re decidedly not a niche group you’d see in the plethora of rock sub-genres. Their sound is eclectic and you can certainly count on them for not being predictable. Kafoa’s textured voice is well suited for this kind of multilayered work they produce, ranging from the gravel infused grunts of their earlier effort “Boadgee Ghost” to “There’s Reason” which has taken a more softer approachable tone. It’s very apparent Kafoa has the range for a wide net of genre choices if the band so wishes to explore them, but as it stands it’s a charming if not familiar turn on the semi southern draw of rockers past.

Of their various released singles I’ve heard this year, “There’s Reason” wouldn’t be my top choice, or something I’d introduce listeners to as a gateway to their brand of sounds. It’s far from bad, and I think it bookends a very interesting year for the group that has obviously also been marred by the global tragedies of the ongoing pandemic and I’m sure the wild fires that ravaged Australia this year have no doubt played a part in shaping their outlook as expressed in their lyrical content. Whereas “Is There Meaning” was a damning indictment on a cruel world that we were all experiencing together in confusion and sadness, you can tell somethings obviously changed within the band since then, because “There’s Reason” is all about looking forward. Its lust soundscape of guitars and drums paint the picture of freedom and the resolve to find a greater inner peace and to practice patience as the universe unfolds itself in front of us.

You get the sense that with each release skinsNbones is telling a larger narrative and that with the hopeful release of a new album we can begin to see a larger picture take shape. They’re a remarkably exciting group to follow, and I highly recommend delving into their discography in order before enjoying this track which serves as an effectively warm end to one of the coldest years societally in recent memory.

Mindy McCall

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